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Are you a business owner looking to enhance your online reputation?

If so, we’re telling you now: your most effective tool isn’t some proprietary Web-based app. It isn’t the service capability of a multi-thousand-dollar, full-service PR firm. It isn’t some newly developed software based on cutting-edge technology. You know just what your most effective tool may be?


That’s right. It’s time to release the comic in you. If you don’t have a comic in you, you can always hire someone funny.

You see, the Internet is cluttered with gazillions of bytes of information. It’s pretty hard to stand out and get noticed – unless you give people a reason to notice. Even if you own an insurance company, or are managing a not-particularly-exciting auto services and parts shop, or running a nondescript dentistry office, you can still find creative and compelling ways to manage and enhance your online reputation. One of these ways is by making people laugh.

Comedy Gold: Why You Should Use Humor to Enhance Your Online Reputation

Why You Should Use Humor to Enhance Your Online Reputation

Humor humanizes.

When people go online, they don’t do so hoping to interact with businesses and brands. They want to connect with people – or at least with some form of content that makes them feel good and happy. That’s why it’s important to show that there’s a human voice behind your sales talk and business-speak, and that this human has a sense of humor. There’s no need to be serious all the time!

Humor is attention-catching.

In today’s digital age of shortened attention spans, being funny has the uncanny ability to lengthen attention spans. Unfortunately, so many business owners haven’t yet realized this, so they bully existing and potential clients with truly un-funny information overload, which can hardly create positive impact on the bottom line.

So instead of filling blog posts, Facebook updates, and tweets with the usual corporate or business-y jargon, try something new. Like a joke. Or an amusing anecdote. This should help pull your audience in, and hopefully they’ll read on (instead of closing the tab) expecting more jokes and amusing anecdotes.

Comedy Gold: Why You Should Use Humor to Enhance Your Online Reputation

Humor is a great link-bait; it’s also search-engine-friendly.

Apart from managing online reputation, are you also looking to execute other online marketing strategies like generating tons of links and likes and shares and retweets, while also performing well in search engine results pages? Use humor as a stone to hit all those birds.

You see: a lot of people go on the Internet just to be entertained – and they’ll type, search, click, comment, share, IM, tweet, etc. until they actually find something worth being entertained by. Let your business come up with that something.

It is when you’re able to do this that you’re in a great position to perform well in social media and SEO (search engine optimization). Indeed, the word-of-mouth potential of humor can never be underestimated: if you’re able to enhance your visibility, generate natural Web traffic, and promote your business while making people laugh, there’s no limit to the kind and level of impact you can make.

Humor bridges gaps.

Is your target market a tough nut to crack? Soften them up by telling a joke. Or by tweeting an irresistibly funny one-liner. Humor is a universal language – and it can help break the barrier that stands between you and the customers you want to connect with. Even your harshest critics and toughest online reviewers can begin to have a soft spot for you if you so happen to make them laugh.

Humor sells.

If others tell you that sex sells, tell them: so does humor. Including, of course, online humor. People love funny, and they won’t hesitate to like, follow, and share funny.

That’s why Funny or Die’s first-ever video, “The Landlord,” easily generated over 70 million views. (The humor site received venture capital funding from Sequoia Capital shortly after releasing that video.) That’s why Ellen DeGeneres has close to 14 million Twitter followers. That’s why satire organization The Onion gets some 7.5 million unique visitors a month. Our point? Don’t ever be reluctant to brainstorm new ideas for a funny tweet, blog post, or status update!

Migs Bassig

Migs is the Content Manager for ReviewTrackers. He's a creative writer who has helped numerous companies communicate more effectively online, and he loves sharing his local marketing knowledge to help brands and business succeed.


  1. KrisM77

    Humor is definitely something that will always sell. Everybody enjoys in a good joke, sarcasm and humorous comments, so it is good to include it in your marketing plan. That can boost your strategy quite a lot.

    • Sammy J

      Yes, that is good advice, but you have to be careful and need to have capacity for estimate someones needs, mood and to value him as well. Right joke, in right time and right way is good joke which helps you to amuse your customer and sell your products.

  2. Jay Bird

    What a gift if you can make some joke in every moment of your life, even when you are tired or sad, or not in the mood. Its a sparkle in you full time business life during the day, you can make other to feel better, you will affect their focus on you and on what are you trying to sell or to provide them. But you also need to be careful. Someone just don’t like some other who always tried to be fanny and amusement. Left your worries away, get laugh and by,by, by and sell, sell and sell with a smile. LOL

    • Sammy J

      If you are always smiling people can think that you are nuts, or mad. You have to be balanced in every way. Not much smile, and not to be so serious. You have to be psychologist and to judge on time every person, every customer or client that you have to work with.