September 16, 2022

Get More Reviews with ReviewTrackers’ Ask Tool

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The Ask Tool by online reputation management software ReviewTrackers is the easiest way to generate online reviews, capture first-party and third-party customer feedback, and calculate Net Promoter Score (NPS). 

Use the Ask tool to boost your local SEO performance and better understand your company’s customer experience. 

Why Use the Ask Tool?

Customer reviews are more accessible than ever, and it’s impossible to ignore the influence of reviews on consumers. 

For brands to succeed, they must maintain a strong digital presence, as well as have the ability to generate a steady stream of reviews and ratings on their local listings across multiple business review sites

Today’s top marketers understand the value of asking for reviews from customers:

  • According to online reviews statistics, about 70% of reviews come from review request e-mails.
  • Shopping decisions research shows that reviews from review requests produce higher ratings (average of 4.34 stars) than unprompted reviews (3.89 stars)94% of consumers have avoided a business because of negative reviews.

Reputation boost. A stream of 5-star ratings and reviews from customers helps showcase your brand and creates powerful social proof for inspiring shopper confidence and driving sales. 

Instant outreach. Proactively asking for feedback helps strengthen customer relationships — and connects your business to the voices that matter the most.

Amplified SEO. Fresh reviews can dramatically improve your search engine performance, essential to attracting more customers and increasing conversion.


Ask Tool Features 

ReviewTrackers gives you all the tools you need to engage with customers, effortlessly collect reviews and feedback, and build a powerful brand reputation.

The Ask Tool, ReviewTrackers’ intelligent review and feedback request workflow, helps your team close the feedback loop and drive review volume growth with zero lift. 

With only a few clicks of a button, you can turn happy customers into brand advocates on the sites that matter the most — with the peace of mind from knowing that ReviewTrackers keeps your customer data secure at all times.

The Ask Tool enables brands to fully customize all aspects of their campaigns, including content and design elements, in an easy-to-navigate interface. 

Ask Tool Drip Campaigns

You can save even more time and easily build trust by automating your review request process with ReviewTrackers’ Drip Campaigns

drip campaigns

Drip Campaigns enable you to send a “reminder” email to customers who previously received a feedback or review request but didn’t actually leave their feedback or review. Drip Campaigns streamline and automate review request emails and take the manual legwork out of following up with review requests.

Ask Tool Microsurveys (Beta)

The Ask Tool’s newest feature is Microsurveys. Microsurveys allow teams to unlock the full potential of customer feedback and collect targeted, structured, actionable information from the customer alongside a star rating or Net Promoter Score. 

Microsurveys entice consumers to provide detailed feedback without the extra barriers to entry of longer-form surveys. Each microsurvey has a default required review rating question (star rating or NPS), with the option to add up to 5 additional custom questions.

The feature is seamlessly integrated into the Ask Tool, opening up a more robust feedback collection no matter the method. Users can send Microsurveys via the Ask Tool or embed custom landing page links and QR codes anytime, anywhere. 

Kiosk Mode

Kiosk Mode lets teams request reviews in a more personal, immediate way and improve the quality of customer feedback obtained at the point of sale. 

It’s simple and easy to use. During checkout or towards the end of a customer’s visit, you hand over a device, like an iPad or tablet, to your customer so that they can fill out a short form. Any feedback they share is instantly and automatically added to your ReviewTrackers dashboard.

Not only is Kiosk Mode a great new way to capture actionable insights just moments after the crucial sales or care experience; but it’s also a valuable opportunity for your business to further strengthen your customer relationships. 

A device with Kiosk Mode activated will not ask your customers to log in and write an online review on the spot. This minimizes privacy and security concerns, while also preventing reviews from being generated using the same IP address. 

Customers who are happy to recommend and review your business are automatically sent a review request, which they can act on at their own convenience and using their own device.

Ask Preview

When creating a review or feedback request via the Ask Tool, users can see a live preview of their email and SMS campaigns. This helps streamline campaign creation, helping you see your updates and changes in real-time.

a screenshot of the reviewtrackers ask tool live preview

Merge Tags

Ever gotten a marketing email that missed your name and started with “Dear ,” or “Hi ,”? That’s probably the result of a mail merge fail: your name wasn’t in the sender’s system or wasn’t accessible for some reason.

Mail merge tags are a sneaky powerful way to boost engagement on your Ask Tool campaigns, with only one click of a button. 

Increase the personalization of your Ask Tool emails by clicking on your mail merge tags to insert the business name, location, recipient’s name, and other tokenized fields. This means that, when writing Ask Tool emails, you don’t have to understand special code to insert your customer’s name or business location name.

Just look for the blue buttons under the message editor, and click on the tags to insert the business name, location, recipient’s name, and other tokenized fields.

Even if you don’t have a customer’s first or last name in your database, you can add a fallback variable (e.g., “Valued Guest”) by copying the variable guide from the Ask Tool sidebar and pasting it into your email message.

Ask Theming

Companies can add on-brand elements to their Ask Tool requests with the ability to add custom colors and even their brand logos on each email and page. 

Theming doesn’t just enable brands to create engaging content; it also serves as an extension of the brand, essential for creating a more seamless customer experience. Showing consistent branding throughout the entire customer journey, even after they leave your stores, shows great attention to detail and quality.

new ask tool features

Ask Landing Pages

In addition to email and SMS requests, users can also use the Ask Tool to publish a dedicated landing page for capturing customer feedback. 

You can customize colors, the call-to-action buttons used to submit the review, and even the Thank You message content. 

Teams can also implement pre-set tags into the URL of these landing pages to test their effectiveness. For example, you can distribute the two different versions of the URL in an email or on another page on your site to see which is a more effective channel.

a screenshot of reviewtrackers' ask tool for landing pages

A specific landing page for review content can help in multiple ways: it provides an easy link to share with customers, potentially contributes to your overall SEO footprint online, and provides insights into the consumer journey.

Ask Testing

You can also send previews of your campaign to team members for internal approval without interfering with campaign metrics. Accurate analytics are crucial to the success of any business, and test functionality enables effective collaboration while ensuring success and data integrity.

new ask tool features

Ask QR Codes

The Ask Tool also features a QR code generator to make the review request process easier for consumers. 

You can create multiple QR codes that lead to specific places such as your Net Promoter Score, star rating, or even third-party review request links. 

Using QR codes isn’t just a way for your team to keep up with new technology; it also reduces friction, making it easier for consumers who love the experience to leave their reviews and feedback.

a screenshot of reviewtrackers' ask tool qr code creator

Ask Quick Send

If you want to conduct a mass review request campaign, you can use the Ask Tool’s Quick Send feature, which allows up to 50 recipients per request. This frees up valuable time so that your team can concentrate on other aspects of your brand reputation and online review management strategy. 

Reap the Rewards with the Ask Tool

The Ask Tool by ReviewTrackers is the easiest way to request reviews and feedback. It is designed to help brands drive customer engagement, generate essential social proof, improve their local digital presence, and boost customer acquisition and retention.

Take control of your online reputation today with the Ask Tool. Get more feedback fast, stay on-brand, and boost your local SEO performance. 

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