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Actionable insights to enable your business to beat the competition, increase revenue and create more raving fans.

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Beat the competition

Understand your competition’s reputation and gain a strategic market advantage. Visualize location performance across average rating and total reviews, enabling your team to build a local strategy tailored to each market.

Dashboards to visualize your insights and keep track of business growth

Track and manage your business reputation by group, location or source, over any period of time, and empower your team to build strategies to upgrade customer experiences and win more business.

Reward top performers and highlight success

Gamify your reputation management strategy and empower location managers to perform their best. Detect changes over time, empowering managers to zero in on the locations that require attention.

Actionable insights to increase awareness and grow your brand

Leverage our proprietary Natural Language Processing engine to measure words and phrases that are mentioned throughout feedback and reviews, and visualize the outcomes to make informed operational changes and ensure satisfaction.

Stay connected to what your customers are saying on social and in reviews

Enhance your social listening by integrating ReviewTrackers with Social Monitoring platforms in one comprehensive dashboard.

In a single stream, tag and assign reviews so that the right stakeholders respond to customer feedback to mend relationships with your detractors and encourage your advocates.

ReviewTrackers plays nice with your other technology

Integrate ReviewTrackers data with over 1000 apps via Zapier, as well as leverage our API, to streamline business processes, automate workflows, and allow for increased flexibility and productivity.

“The more we know about what our customers are saying about us, the better off we are in understanding their needs and how we can improve our operations.”

Larisa WalegaDirector of Marketing, Ziebart International Corporationziibart logo

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