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Data is a big part of what we do. Browse the reports below. You’ll find trends in reviews and some of fun examples of what review data can do—like tracking what a hundred thousand fans say about going to a baseball game.

2018 ReviewTrackers Online Reviews Survey

2018 ReviewTrackers Online Reviews Survey

Based on ReviewTrackers’ data, 63.6% of consumers check reviews on Google before visiting a business — more than any other review site.

2017 ReviewTrackers Local Search Report

53 percent of local searchers typically visit a business within 48 hours. Local search brings traffic from key, ready-to-buy demographics — yet 60 percent of SMBs aren’t optimized for it.

2017 Voice of the Fan Report

The MLB Voice of the Fan Report is based on ReviewTrackers’ study of 130,000 baseball stadium reviews.

2017 Voice of the Fan Report: NCAA Stadiums

In the NCAA College Football Voice of the Fan Report we list the most spirited college football fans, best stadiums, most loyal alumni, and most popular tailgates.

2018 Voice of the Fan: Spring Training

A study of 36,000 fan reviews of spring training stadiums tells us which stadiums offer the best experience—and which fans are the most optimistic in the spring.

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