June 21, 2022

How ReviewTrackers Consolidates the Operations of Top Brands

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A number of today’s top brands are simplifying their tech stacks by working with ReviewTrackers. Rather than deploying disjointed solutions and adding more technologies to the stack, they are leveraging ReviewTrackers’ award-winning online reputation management software to break silos and consolidate their operations.

Drive Cross-Team Collaboration by Unifying Reviews and Customer Feedback Data

For example, family-owned and -operated Rural King, a leading farm supply store headquartered in Mattoon, Illinois, has unified online reviews and customer feedback data using ReviewTrackers. This has helped the company’s executives improve cross-team collaboration and transparency in order to resolve high-impact issues and find new growth opportunities.

By using ReviewTrackers’ customer experience analytics technology and natural language processing engine, Rural King can easily discover trends and share insights with the entire organization: from marketing, operations, customer support, and merchandising to business development, HR, and finance.

As an example, a business development executive or location manager for Rural King is alerted every time a new review mentions relevant keywords like “parking,” “dimly lit,” “bathroom,” and “lighting.” 

The company also aims to add keyword alerts for actual product items in its stores so that teams — product and merchandising, for example — can track customer sentiment around these items and make impactful business decisions to improve the customer experience.

“Comments from customers are so valuable,” says Kirk Waidelich, VP of Marketing for Rural King. “With ReviewTrackers, we have learned more about why customers love Rural King. We now use these data points to pivot our store experience, operations and cleanliness, product stocking, and staffing.”



By unifying data from online reviews and customer feedback, and making this data visible to teams, your company can collaborate more efficiently, act quickly on insights, improve decision-making, and deliver better customer experiences.

Maximize ROI with an All-in-One Brand Reputation Suite

It’s common for marketers to jump from tool to tool throughout their workday as they look to build brand awareness, improve visibility, and boost search engine performance. 

A number of companies, however, have successfully consolidated their reputation management activities into ReviewTrackers. 

For example, evo — a leading online retailer of outdoor gear and fashion apparel with locations in Seattle, Portland, and Denver — works with ReviewTrackers to monitor its brand reputation, generate new reviews, protect its brand using the software solution’s review response tools, and improve the search visibility of its business locations.

The company sets a great reputation marketing example by using Amplify, a website review widget, to highlight in-store experiences and convert visitors into customers through social proof. evo is also using ReviewTrackers’ employer brand monitoring feature as a valuable add-on to manage employee feedback, foster an engaged workplace culture, and improve employee retention and acquisition — all from the same platform. 

For financial services provider and mortgage lender nbkc bank, ReviewTrackers offers the complete reviews and brand reputation management suite. It’s the company’s tool of choice for monitoring online reviews, responding to customer feedback, and managing its employer branding.

The average response time is more than 5 days for most retail brands, according to ReviewTrackers’ benchmark report and online reputation analysis. evo’s average is 1.33 days. In the last 6 months, the company has also improved its response time by 38%.



Jumping from one software tool to another doesn’t always lead to scalable outcomes that benefit the entire organization. With ReviewTrackers, marketers have the opportunity to consolidate everything reputation management-related into one scalable tool — while accomplishing organizational goals with less overhead.

Future-Proof Your Tech Stack by Ensuring Alignment Between Systems

Over time, tech solutions and workflows solidify. If your team is adding a new solution to your tech stack, consider a system that plays nice with your other existing technologies, ensuring alignment and functional efficiency as you scale.

HGEM, a market leader in guest experience management for the hospitality sector in the UK, leverages its API partnership with ReviewTrackersto benchmark operators’ performance against a range of guest experience measures. 

HGEM accesses the ReviewTrackers API and partner integrations to download review data and sync it with its own platform, called the Hub. By doing so, the company has simplified the consolidation of critical feedback from multiple sources. Its systems talk to each other.

“We greatly value the relationship we have with ReviewTrackers,” says Steven Pike, managing director at HGEM. “The API has been easy to work with and reliable. And we can always rely on rapid and helpful support.”

Integrating with ReviewTrackers has also allowed HGEM to strengthen its own guest experience management offering. This, in turn, has led to longer and higher-value relationships with clients, improved retention, and significant growth for the company.



Many teams struggle with bringing massive amounts of data together in meaningful ways. With ReviewTrackers, which serves an integration partner for today’s top tools and technologies, your organization can streamline workflows and create a single view of performance.

Tech Stack Consolidation: A Win for Your Organization

Given the influx of new systems and solutions — not to mention the presence of factors that can potentially shake up the economic landscape — it’s a good practice to regularly evaluate your company’s tech stack. As exemplified by the brands that partner with ReviewTrackers, consolidation can produce efficiency, productivity, and cost savings across the board: a win for today and your organization’s future.

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