With ReviewTrackers, Award-Winning nbkc bank Surpasses Financial Industry’s Reputation Benchmarks

average star rating

For 1.3+K reviews across 7 locations (92% of reviews have 5-star ratings)

faster review responses

With an average response time of 1.37 days

review alerts set up

Delivering custom review notifications to 28 users across nbkc bank locations

Kansas City, MO

Financial Services


Find effective ways to manage nbkc’s brand reputation across multiple digital properties and business review sites

Develop a strategy and efficient workflow for responding quickly to online reviews

Identify opportunities to strengthen the nbkc brand in ways that create value for the company, its customers, employees, and stakeholders


Create custom email and SMS alerts to notify team members of all new reviews

Utilize Smart Response and Review Tagging to ensure smooth internal communication and accountability for responding quickly to reviews

Expand the company’s review monitoring strategy to include employee and app reviews


A 5-Star Reputation Across All Digital Properties

nbkc bank, an award-winning financial services provider and mortgage lender based in Kansas City, is harnessing smart technologies to deliver solid offerings and superior banking experiences.

Apart from boosting its product portfolio with enhanced digital capabilities, the bank also leverages online reviews to build a strong brand reputation across all its digital properties. The nbkc bank website abounds with positive reviews and powerful customer testimonials. Its location pages come replete with 5-star ratings across the board.

To power its online review management strategy, nbkc uses ReviewTrackers as one of the solutions in its stack. It’s the company’s tool of choice for monitoring online reviews, responding to customer feedback, tracking reviews of its mobile application, and managing its employer brand reputation.

The Financial Services Industry’s Best in Review Management

nbkc has made it a priority to stay on top of the reviews that customers are posting across multiple business review sites like Google, Facebook, LendingTree, and Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Using ReviewTrackers, the company has set up over 90 different types of customized review alerts, which deliver timely email and SMS notifications to 28 users (nbkc employees) on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

The majority of nbkc’s reviews are positive — 92% of all its reviews have 5-star ratings — and the company’s online reputation easily surpasses industry benchmarks

In the rare case that the company receives negative feedback, nbkc bank excels in responding quickly to reviews. Using ReviewTrackers’ Smart Response (and its corresponding Google Chrome extension) — a feature that allows individual users to create and utilize response suggestion templates to reply to customer feedback — the company doesn’t get bogged down by reviews and is even posting responses at a faster rate than ever.

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Since partnering with ReviewTrackers in October 2020, nbkc has been able to:

  • Increase its number of reviews by 16% across 7 locations
  • Improve its review response time by 80%, with an average response time of 1.37 days
  • In the last 6 months, 84% of nbkc’s reviews have been posted on LendingTree (46%) and Better Business Bureau (42%), where the company has overall ratings of 4.99 stars and 4.88 stars, respectively.

Communication is Key to Smarter Responses

For nbkc bank, one of ReviewTrackers’ most widely used features is review tagging. This enables users to organize reviews and ratings according to their status: Responded, In Progress, or Do Not Respond. There’s also an option for adding custom tags on each individual review page. 

Review tagging has become a major success for nbkc as its team of users looks to ensure smooth internal communication and demonstrate full accountability for responding to reviews.

Stay on Top of Employee and App Store Reviews, Too

To build an attractive online reputation, organizations must also effectively manage their employer brand. But it takes more than posting job openings on LinkedIn or designing a fancy Careers page to create a brand that resonates with job seekers, potential customers, and stakeholders.

In this light, ReviewTrackers equips nbkc bank with tools to extend the scope of its online review management efforts beyond product and service reviews. The bank also has access to employee reviews data, powered by ReviewTrackers’ employer brand monitoring feature and sourced directly from nbkc bank’s Glassdoor and Indeed profiles.

As a digital-first organization, nbkc also proactively tracks reviews of its mobile banking app on Google Play and Apple’s App Store. User feedback posted on these digital marketplaces can serve as an important resource for driving app installations, user engagement, and, ultimately, brand loyalty. 

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To build the kind of brand reputation that’s irresistible to existing and potential customers, banks and financial services organizations must make online review management a priority. 

In ReviewTrackers, nbkc bank has found a perfect tool for monitoring valuable feedback, responding to customers, and empowering its team to keep the customer front and center across the entire organization.

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