Become Customer Obsessed

Poor customer service costs businesses money. Listen to the voice of the customer to transform experiences and drive loyalty.

Poor customer service costs businesses more than $75 billion a year in revenue (Forbes)
92 percent of consumers visiting Yelp are looking for a business they can return to (Yelp)
When enterprise locations reply to at least 32% of reviews they achieve 80% higher conversion rates than businesses that reply to 10% of reviews (Uberall)
The average rating of reviews submitted after managers started responding to reviews was .12 stars higher than that of a review prior to management responses (Marketing Science)
96% of customers will leave/switch because of bad customer service/experience (2020 Achieving Customer Amazement Survey Report)
35 percent of consumers ranked “trust in brand” as one of the top 3 reasons for choosing a retailer (PwC)
Every third customer who receives a response to their complaint reformulates their review into a positive one. 34% completely withdraw their complaint (Harvard Business)
52 percent of consumers said a bad customer service interaction convinced them to tell others not to buy those specific products or services (Dimensional Research)

Build a customer-first brand

Drive loyalty in crowded markets by staying in touch with ever-changing customer needs to ensure long-term success.

Monitor, manage and engage with customers to build relationships, understand their experiences, and show them you care.

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Prevent crisis and resolve complaints

Resolve complaints and win back trust through building a comprehensive and customized review response strategy.

Automatically respond to positive and negative reviews in a timely manner to inspire brand loyalty and increase customer confidence.

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Optimize customer experiences

Turn review insights into action.

Identify controversial trending keywords from feedback and reviews to build proactive strategies to meet and exceed customer expectations, drive more revenue, and enhance overall brand operations

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Competitive insights powered by reviews

Stand out in local and regional markets through competitive brand tracking.

Automatically find the locations of brands you compete against so you can track their performance and build strategies to win your market.

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Improve trust with accurate business listings

Up to date and accurate business listing information to maintain brand trust and drive loyalty.

Manage your listings, along with your online reputation within a single platform to streamline your online reputation strategy and build trust.

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Respond to customer reviews and resolve complaints with ReviewTrackers.

Identify how much revenue your brand is missing out on without a response strategy in place.

  • Every third customer who receives a response to their complaint reformulates their review into a positive one. 34% completely withdraw their complaint (Harvard Business)

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Build a customer-obsessed organization to drive loyalty, retention, and growth.

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