Beat Competitors & Create Bold Bottom-Line Decisions with the ReviewTrackers Industry Benchmark & Online Reputation Analysis

Where does your organization rank for online reputation?

Many industries need an online reputation analysis to accurately gauge the impact of their online reputation on customer acquisition and retention strategies as well as its performance against rivals. In fact, customer reviews data show that 92% of consumers use online reviews to guide their ordinary purchasing decisions, and 46% of consumers used review sites to tell others about their bad experiences.

To accurately show the power of reputational data and give brands a north star to guide their reputation management strategies, ReviewTrackers created its first annual Industry Benchmark and Online Reputation Analysis.

Download now to read highlights such as:

  • A breakdown of average ratings and reviews acquired on a per industry basis.

  • Analysis of top reputation management performers in each industry.

  • Keyword sentiment analysis data that can show operational issues within each industry.