February 27, 2020

Drive Growth with Customer Experience Analysis

Customer experience analytics technology enables businesses to collect and analyze customer feedback to discover actionable insights and make thoughtful and impactful business decisions. Without the tools to gather customer feedback, it would be nearly impossible to extract these rich insights.

Introducing Customer Experience Analysis Technology by ReviewTrackers

Customer Experience Analysis is the newest widget on the ReviewTrackers dashboard. It organizes and categorizes feedback and review trends while layering sentiment analysis on top. Specifically, the widget leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to detect trends across all online reviews and customer feedback. Then places trending keywords into multiple categories (Food, Service, Atmosphere, Value, and Consumer), helping businesses prioritize their areas of focus.

In other words, the Customer Experience Analytics product hones in on the most important aspects of customer experience management, helping businesses meet and exceed customer expectations.

How Customer Experience Analysis Works

AI-based keyword, sentiment, and classification analysis for categorizing mass quantities of data is what makes this technology so powerful. Here it is in action:

gif showing the new experience analysis widget in action

By delivering the most valuable pieces of information to stakeholders, Customer Experience Analysis ensures that businesses make meaningful operational decisions that drive customer-influenced change and growth.

Revolutionize Your Business

Consumers desire interactions that accommodate their unique lifestyles and ever-changing needs. When those needs aren’t met consumers look at other options, which means loyalties can shift.

To stay relevant and meet customer expectations, businesses are leveraging technology to help reimagine current processes. Specifically, brands need to find ways to listen and detect trends in feedback to create experiences that retain customers and turn them into raving fans.

By listening and analyzing customer experience feedback, you can make a low-cost change to your business strategy that results in increased revenue and satisfaction. 

Understanding which category of your strategy requires attention is the first step to optimizing your business’s customer experience. This empowers you to focus attention on high-impact issues and trends from the very beginning.

For example, a large pizza chain can leverage their Customer Experience Analysis data to gain insights and make operational changes that build brand loyalty. By making changes to topping size, changes based on customer feedback and trends, the chain can drive satisfaction, increase revenue through retained customers, and build an overall more trustworthy brand.


Grow Your Business with Experience Analysis

Leveraging first-hand experiential feedback to make AI-based business decisions is the most productive and impactful way for a business to put the customer front and center of their strategy.

With Experience Analysis, businesses get to the core of consumer complaints and praises, which means more meaningful actions that ultimately drive change and build brand loyalty.

Use Experience Analysis to gain a competitive edge, make informed operational changes, and drive more revenue today.

Try out this ReviewTrackers feature for yourself to grow your business.

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