April 8, 2022

The Guide to Reputation Management on Tripadvisor

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For brands on the digital front, having a grasp of Tripadvisor reputation management best practices can be important to the success of the business. Many Tripadvisor business managers are still lost in the dark when it comes to creating an effective reputation management strategy. Fortunately, the key to efficient Tripadvisor reputation management consists of three simple steps:

  • Use Tripadvisor Reviews to Create A Conversation
  • Set and Meet Customer Expectations
  • Maximize Efforts to Improve Customer Experience and Service

Tripadvisor Reputation Management Tip: Use Tripadvisor Reviews to Create A Conversation

Online reviews are the most valuable asset for any Tripadvisor listing, and you should use them to your advantage. Showing off reviews with the Amplify tool on other parts of your digital brand is the social proof people need to make a purchase decision.

Brands also need to increase their frequency of responding to reviews; a practice that is still surprisingly rare. Online reviews survey data reveal that a vast majority of consumers – 63% to be exact – never get a response to their reviews. That is a prime opportunity to influence customers, and most businesses are not using it.

Knowing how to optimize your Tripadvisor listing and respond to reviews can help you retain customers or even alter their sentiment towards you.

Review responses can even bring in new customers. An online reviews survey finding revealed that businesses that respond to negative feedback is enough to convince 45% of potential consumers to visit their locations.

Taking advantage of positive review response examples and learning how to respond to negative reviews increases consumer trust and can provide boosts to your customer acquisition and retention plans. It also shows that you care about every piece of feedback, and you want every customer to come back for multiple visits.


Tripadvisor Reputation Management Tip: Set and Meet Customer Expectations

An attractive Tripadvisor listing page and great reviews can easily convert prospects into customers, but make sure that their expectations of the experience are met.

A study from Salesforce revealed that 66% of consumers expect companies to understand the consumers’ needs and expectations. By knowing your audience and making sure that you set expectations at a reasonable level fewer customers are caught off guard when they actually visit.

More importantly, setting realistic expectations also gives you more opportunities to go above and beyond those expectations. Customers reward that additional effort with higher ratings and reviews, which can help improve Tripadvisor ranking.

a group of people optimizing an online listing

Tripadvisor Reputation Management Tip: Maximize Efforts to Improve Experience and Service

Meeting and exceeding customer expectations is a team effort. Everyone on staff – from the newest hire to the executive team – needs to know that their efforts will impact the customer experience in some way. This creates a mindset that makes every team member feel valued and motivated to do their best for each customer.

The approach also means that customers might always pick your business because of the great experience. Keep in mind that each experience isn’t perfect and that there will always be areas of improvement. With online review management software, you can keep a close eye on reviews and use customer experience analytics to discover pain points in the customer experience.

You should address customers’ concerns by responding to customer reviews and find a way to implement changes that will enhance their next visit.

No Time Like the Present

Becoming proficient at reputation management and improving the online footprint of any Tripadvisor listing will take some time. Altering the public’s perceptions of any business requires you to first look at customer pain points and get feedback from staff before making any major changes to actual processes.

Customers are looking at listings to make a well-informed purchase decision. With the steps above, any listing can stand out from the competition and easily persuade customers that their product or service is worth every penny.

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