The Five Traits of a Superstar Reputation Manager

August 10, 2014

45 percent of customers say they’re more likely to visit businesses that respond to their reviews

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The Five Traits of a Superstar Reputation Manager

The role of a reputation manager may be full- or part-time depending on the size and complexity of the business. Regardless of the time dedicated to this role, there are specific personal and professional characteristics that make a great reputation manager. Let’s explore what makes a superstar reputation manager and what you can do today to become one.

A Superstar Reputation Manager Sees the Whole Picture

The most common mistake businesses make when it comes to engaging with customers on review sites is simple. Many tasked with review management and digital footprint tracking only track online reviews in selected sites, neglecting a good portion of their online feedback.

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A sound reputation management strategy seeks to be holistic and includes all the lead-generating sites and local business listings and directories, or at a minimum those that are known to have the highest online visibility. Getting the whole picture is as easy as deploying a review monitoring platform that can send notifications directly to your E-mail in a user-friendly manner, like when you get new reviews or need to respond to ASAP to customer feedback.

A Superstar Reputation Manager Knows the Business Inside and Out

We see it time and again: review responses where the customer appears to have a better understanding of the policies and procedures of a business than the person responding to the review.

Don’t let that happen to you. A superstar reputation manager is proactive in understanding how to bring each specific review to a satisfactory resolution, in the case of negative reviews. In the case of positive reviews, the reputation manager should be well-versed in all the nuances of your business and able to deliver responses in a way that effectively highlights and promotes the full offering and brand of a particular business.

A Superstar Reputation Manager Remains Customer-Centric

In the case of small to medium businesses, the role of reputation manager often rests on the shoulders of the business owner. Owners are deeply invested in their businesses and tend to be highly sensitive to criticism.

A common novice mistake when it comes to reputation management is to react defensively or speak harshly to the reviewer. Even when the review is unfair or false, a good reputation manager remains customer-centric and remedy-driven 100 percent of the time. The goal is to recover a customer while promoting your passion for service to potential customers reading the reviews and corresponding responses. Superstar reputation managers put the customer first every single time. No excuses.

A Superstar Reputation Manager Reads Between the Lines

Empathy is one of the best personal characteristics of a sound reputation manager. On numerous occasions, what a disgruntled customer conveys in a review needs to be deciphered to truly tackle the problem. A good reputation manager can filter a rant and proceed to identify and resolve the real issue by providing remedy to the customer, when possible, and visiting the root cause of the problem to avoid repeat complaints from future guests.

A Superstar Reputation Manager Tackles Every Review with Equal Passion

A superstar reputation manager has the gift of equanimity and is committed to engaging every customer regardless of the rating, with enthusiasm and professionalism. A good reputation manager refrains from taking shortcuts such as copying and pasting responses for positive reviews, and is especially careful with his or her words when addressing negative reviews. In every instance, the goal of a good reputation manager is to grow the business in both volume and quality. This is achieved by taking ownership of each online engagement and doing the right thing every single time.

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