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How to Choose Stock Photos that Enhance Your Online Reputation

Stock photos are kind of awesome – especially if you’re a business owner working to establish and enhance your visibility and reputation on the Internet.

You can use these photos on your website, company blog, social networks, online business listings, and review site profiles. Not only do they add visual appeal to your content, they also serve as unique branding components that strengthen and reinforce the identity of your business.

A friendly reminder: make sure you’re legally using others’ images, okay? And always read a photo/image source’s terms of use.

Here’s a quick guide on how to choose stock photos that enhance your online reputation.

High-quality, high-resolution: There are tons of free stock photo sites out there. Just ask Google to find them. Once you have found a reliable site for your company website or blog, don’t stop being picky. Choose high-quality, high-resolution photos that won’t have your audience squinting just to make out what those pixels are supposed to be.

Real people: Impossibly good-looking, amazingly Photoshopped commercial models, OUT – portraits of real people (including your staff employees), IN. Authenticity plays a huge part when you’re trying to establish and sustain a positive online reputation. Instead of trying to impress your potential and existing customers with pretty (but not really very relevant) portraits, win them over with real and relevant.

Memorable: A picture can paint a thousand words. So you might as well choose a compelling – and memorable – image instead of using multiple boring photos to accompany your latest blog entry. As a business owner, you want to post photos that help you stand out, instead of getting lost in a sea of dull, already-seen image search results and forgettable stock shots.

Well-suited: Don’t just pair your stock photos with the text content you’re posting. Find something that represents the character, the personality, the face of your brand as well. If you can – and if you have the budget for it – go for pictures that, say, match your color scheme, or at least looks relevant in terms of where your business locations are.

Chris Campbell

Chris is the CEO of ReviewTrackers. He has helped tens of thousands of businesses hear, manage, and respond to what their customers are saying online.


  1. Alex

    Let’s have a look to this site:

    You’ll find there thousands of Royalty Free Stock images!!

  2. Melanie Johnson

    I always wondered how people decide on photos for their business web page. One question though, should one take the time to make the photos they need themselves to be as unique as possible or can searching the web serve just as well?

  3. Rylan Howie

    I always prefer real life photos over to-good-to be true pics. For restaurants, it’s much better to take a picture of prepared food on well arranged table then uploading a professional picture taken from another website.

  4. David R

    The best way is to hire a professional photographer to make some pictures of your business,and than ask random people what they think of those photos. If you are pleased with their reaction on those photos you will probably you will get the same reaction on the reviewed photos on your web page when posted. Use real life photos,use your staff with a nicest smile 🙂

  5. Hollaback Will

    Don’t place picture on the web that are not yours origin. You don’t need to the that. Better is to take a pic of your product well arranged in nature environment of your own. If you don’t have skills to make good picture, hire some professional guy to do that instead. Yours picture have to be different and origin. When someone saw them on web, he have to see them in your place of business, To be honest is the best business.