How to Be a Big-Picture Review Manager… Without Neglecting the Details

December 22, 2014

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The ability to see and react to the bigger picture has always been considered to be a desirable managerial quality. Unfortunately, big-picture management has garnered a bad rap. It is perceived by many as a way of avoiding the day-to-day tasks or passing them off to subordinates, hoping that they will pick up the ball and run with it.

Or, the hope is that somehow, as if by magic, the minutiae of making things happen will disappear, allowing managers and corporate leaders to focus exclusively on tasks likely to have a significant impact in revenue, quality, or overall experience.

Similarly, when a corporate leader is tasked with managing and developing the online reputation of a business, oftentimes he or she fails in the way of either big-picture management or by drowning in the details. Finding the perfect balance between the big picture and getting things done is both an art and a science.

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When it comes to review and reputation management, it is certainly an achievable goal. Let’s take a look at what needs to happen in order to deliver outstanding results and achieve an ever improving online and offline business reputation.

What Makes a Great Big-Picture Reputation and Reviews Manager?

Let’s take a moment to review the personal and professional qualities that allow us to identify a qualified big-picture manager as one who is able to help a small or medium business achieve online reputation objectives with growth and long-term vision in mind:

Knowing What to Do, When to Do It, and Why

When it comes to managing your reviews, it is not simply about going through the motions. A sound big-picture reputation manager will step back and think about the way he or she engages with reviewers, how quickly to handle each issue, and why managing every escalation voiced on review websites is good for the long-term health and online visibility of a business.

A sound reviews and reputation manager has the ability to understand how his or her review response engagements or profile enhancements impact the customer experience, and how these actions can potentially generate new business opportunities or, if handled wrong, drive business away.

Engage Reviewers in a Timely Manner Regardless of the Situation

Big picture can only go so far. When it comes to reputation and review management, every reviewer deserves the consideration of being treated personally and personably. A timely response that reflects empathy and customer commitment can go a long way when it comes to building your online reputation. Don’t ever compromise the commitment to each customer for the sake of big-picture thinking. The best and most successful leaders have the capacity to adjust their management lens to see and tackle each situation individually, without losing perspective on how their actions are likely to impact the overall business reputation or operational costs.

Assessing Trends Instead of Instances

A sound big-picture reputation manager will step back and try to identify trends instead of overreacting to individual instances or anomalies. By looking for trends, he or she will be able to nip the problem in the bud by providing operational solutions such as improved training or facilities improvements aimed at resolving customer concerns. Yes, by all means, address each reviewer, but be aware if you are having repeat instances of the same issue.

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Visionary Management Takes the Cake

A reputation manager needs to see beyond the reviews for the day. He or she defines clear objectives in terms of review acquisition velocity, overall popularity score, and long-term lead-acquisition objectives via popular review websites. His or her engagement is not reactive or day-to-day, but instead each action reflects intentionality and branding objectives that seek to grow the business both in reach and in overall quality.

Small Actions Are Taken with Large Objectives in Mind

A visionary reviews and reputation manager sees opportunity in each engagement, be it a response or an enhancement to a review profile. By establishing standard operational procedures related to the way the business engages with their online profiles, the reviews and reputation manager sets the stage for greater opportunities, from increased leads to the potential of winning recognition such as TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence and other industry awards.

Willingness to Remedy Customer Concerns While Managing Compensatory Budgets

A sound and well-balanced reputation and reviews manager is empowered to resolve customer concerns through compensation. He or she uses this empowerment with good judgment and takes into account budgetary concerns, long-term objectives, and brand image. A great reviews and reputation manager demonstrates a well-developed business sense that lets him or her decide on the fly what makes sense for short, medium, and long-term objectives.

The Right Tools and Policies in Place

In order to be able to balance the big picture with customer-oriented strategies, a star reviews and reputation manager is equipped with effective tracking tools that provide key metrics and trends, allowing real-time understanding of where customers are finding his or her business.

In addition to the right review management tools, he or she drafts policies and procedures aimed at ensuring consistency across review websites in the way each complaint or compliment is handled. A star reviews and reputation manager is constantly learning to ensure his or her practices are reflective of the latest findings on what it takes to be in the lead when it comes to online reputation.

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