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Getting Started Guide: Manage GuildQuality Reviews

August 02, 2018

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If you’re in the construction or contractor business, you’ve probably heard of GuildQuality—and gotten reviews on the site.

The site allows consumers to search for contractors by name, location, and type of work, kind of like TheKnot but for people who are looking for builders, remodelers, and contractors instead of wedding vendors.

GuildQuality is also (and primarily) a customer satisfaction surveying software designed for remodelers, home builders, real estate developers, and home improvement contractors looking to grow their business and improve the quality of their work.

Apart from survey creation and distribution, GuildQuality’s software also includes comprehensive reporting features, real-time results, trend analysis, and comprehensive peer benchmark reporting.

It also features a suite of marketing tools which you can use to spread the word about your business. For example, you can showcase your company’s profile on GuildQuality, promote authentic online reviews, embed testimonials on your website, and publish positive comments and reviews on social media.

GuildQuality: Customer Satisfaction Surveys

As GuildQuality’s main software product offering, the customer satisfaction surveys are distributed to homeowners and customers, who can then rate your business on a scale of 0 to 4 (with 0 being the worst and 4 being the best) in categories like:

  • Likely to recommend
  • Professional and organized
  • Construction quality
  • Schedule
  • Clean and safe
  • Communication
  • Sales knowledge
  • Work done right

As a member contractor, you can publish a summary of your customers’ responses on your profile page, with the scores for each category indicating the percentage of respondents who answered a 3 to 4 to the particular survey question.

GuildQuality Reviews System Explained

GuildQuality also offers a database of online reviews and ratings of builders and contractors. These can be found on member businesses’ GuildQuality profiles, which display information such as: satisfaction scores, average ratings, project photos, map location, and other key pieces of business information.

You might be wondering: where do these reviews come from?

GuildQuality reviews are generated whenever member businesses decide to include a review question or review request in their customer satisfaction survey.

For those who do include the review question, GuildQuality takes the survey respondent’s answer to the “Likely to Recommend” question (which is based on a 5-point scale), displays this as a star rating, then asks the respondent if they would like to publish that rating on the business’ GuildQuality profile page. Survey respondents will also be given a chance to elaborate on the rating with a written online review.

If you’re using GuildQuality to survey your customers, here’s how the review request might look like from the perspective of your survey respondents:

According to GuildQuality, if you decide to include the review question or review request, then it gets added to every single customer satisfaction survey that you send through their software.

About 80 percent of respondents share their ratings on GuildQuality, and of these, the site publishes 100 percent.

Creating a GuildQuality account is free, and with a free account, you can claim your profile, edit your company information, collect, manage, and respond to reviews, and answer questions from homeowners posted on your GuildQuality profile. Meanwhile, the customer satisfaction survey feature is available for member businesses on a paid month-to-month plan.  

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