December 1, 2021

How to Use Glassdoor for Employers to Claim Your Company Listing

an image of multiple hands pointing at applicant profiles via the glassdoor for employers site

With a Glassdoor for Employers account, you can create an official online presence on the popular jobs website to attract the right hires for your needs.

Specifically, Glassdoor reviews of the company from current and past employees can make the difference in terms of employer branding, which is how the company is perceived from an employee or applicant point of view. Managing Glassdoor reviews should also be an important component of your employer brand monitoring strategy.

According to customer reviews data, those company reviews are valuable to 83% of job seekers when it comes to deciding where they want to work, and they can only see those reviews if your company has a Glassdoor listing. Here’s how to get it.

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Creating a Glassdoor for Employers Account

Creating your company’s Glassdoor listing requires you to create a Glassdoor for Employers account. Fortunately, the process is easy and free.

a screenshot of the signup page on the glassdoor for employers site

All you have to do is fill out the form on the Glassdoor for Employers website, which shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Specifically, the form asks for the following information:

  • First and last name
  • Company name
  • Official title
  • The number of open jobs
  • A work email address
  • Password

Before hitting the “Create Account” button, you’ll need to check the box confirming that you represent your company’s HR, PR, Marketing, or Recruiting team as well as agreeing to Glassdoor’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Unlike a standard user account, Glassdoor’s Content and Community team will review the application before you get access to the company’s official profile. The process takes up to two business days and if approved, you will receive an email with login information.

Using Your Glassdoor for Employers Account to Build a Company Listing

With an account created, you can now begin the process of creating an informational and appealing listing on Glassdoor that can help you attract the right people for your open positions. Crucial first steps include adding basic yet valuable information for the user.

According to Glassdoor, the top five pieces of information that job seekers want from a listing include:

  • Salary and compensation details
  • Explanation of benefits
  • A short summary of the appealing factors that make people want to work at your company
  • Stated company missions, vision, and values
  • Other basic information (location, the total number of employees, revenue, competitors, etc.)

Having this information readily available makes it easier for the user to make the decision of whether or not to submit an application for an opening. From an employer reputation management standpoint, the information you provide shows your willingness to be transparent from the beginning, which helps gain the job seeker’s trust.

an image of people conducting a job search on a computer

You can also enhance the listing by adding images and video of the company, choosing the “Targeted Companies” or competitors where your listing might be featured as an alternative prospect, posting new openings as they occur, and featuring specific reviews. You can get additional details on the setup process on the Glassdoor Employer Center guide.

How to Use Your Glassdoor for Employers Account to Monitor and Respond to Reviews

The main attraction of Glassdoor is the reviews section. Employees can leave valuable unsolicited feedback about their current or previous employer, which in turn can be used by the company to improve operations or even the interview process.

In the Employer Center’s “Community Reviews” section, you can see the full list of submitted employee reviews. In addition to feedback indicators such as overall Recommendation, Outlook, and Approval of the CEO, users can also submit a detailed review as part of the Pros, Cons, and Advice to Management sections.

Users can also submit Interview Reviews that tell other applicants about the process from the application and interview to information about the questions posed by recruiters and decision-makers.

an image of a woman looking at a list of candidates for open positions via glassdoor for employers

You also have the option to highlight a specific review or interview review, which can give people an idea of the work environment as well as the application process. To set up a “featured review:”

  • Click on the Community Reviews tab
  • Click on Employee Reviews
  • Use the filters on the top of the screen to find a specific review
  • Click on the “Feature this Review” button to make your selection a featured review

Creating a “featured interview review” is a nearly identical process. However, instead of clicking on the “Employee Reviews” tab you click on the “Interview Reviews” section under “Community Reviews.”

Having a growing list of employee reviews is great for any company, but you can use them to your advantage by actively monitoring and responding to each piece of feedback. Even if it’s a glowing review, you can use that as an example to show that the current company culture is great and no drastic changes are needed.

On the other hand, a negative review of a former employee might force you to look within and determine if others feel the same way. Dealing with negative reviews can be a tricky process because it’s not as simple as thanking the user for sharing their thoughts about their experience.

Responding to negative reviews on Glassdoor in the right manner not only shows professionalism; it tells prospective hires that you care about any and all feedback as your company continues to grow.

The Power of a Glassdoor for Employers Account

An online presence is important when it comes to being noticed by job seekers, and a listing on one of the most visited job sites can help you fill vacancies. The process of creating a Glassdoor for Employers account and the subsequent company listing doesn’t take long, but it’s the foundation any brand needs to stand out online and attract others with your work culture.

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