December 16, 2020

How to Manage Vitals Reviews

a patient providing their vitals reviews from their recent visit to a doctor

A positive online presence for healthcare professionals is a must, especially when it comes to Vitals reviews. Customer reviews data shows 72% of patients use online reviews as the step to finding a new doctor and 69.9% see positive those patient reviews as “very” or “extremely” important.

By joining Vitals and optimizing your listing, you can expand your digital footprint and attract even more patients to your practice. Here’s how to do it right.

Claiming Your Listing for Vitals Reviews

In some instances, you might see that you already have a listing on Vitals. This is because the listings generated are based on data the site gathers “from a wide variety of sources both public and private” such as:

  • Medical boards
  • Federal websites
  • Hospitals
  • Doctors
  • Surveys
  • Business alliances
  • Third-party affiliates

If you see your profile already on Vitals, you can click on it and click the “Claim Your Profile” link at the top of the page next to your name. You’ll be taken to another page where you’ll need to fill out basic information such as your name, the name of your practice, contact information, and any additional information that you might deem necessary.

a screenshot of the claim profile page on vitals which is needed to monitor your vitals reviews

Because Vitals relies on multiple sources to make up the data on your listing, it’s hard to tell which parts of your profile are available for edits or updates. However, Vitals says that you will need to claim your profile if you want to add a photograph on your page.

A Look at Vitals Reviews

Vitals reviews utilize a five-star rating and patients will need to leave a title, comment, and email address. In addition to an overall star rating, users can also give multiple “Quality Rating” star scores across different categories, which are featured on the reviews page as well. The categories include:

  • Accurate Diagnosis
  • Promptness
  • Friendly Staff
  • Easy Appointments
  • Appropriate Follow-up
  • Wait Time
  • Bedside Manner
  • Spends Time with Patients

The Vitals review system will only let you submit one review for a doctor every month. This provides a more accurate picture of recent patient experiences with a doctor and prevents those with a grudge from spamming the profile page with inaccurate ratings and reviews.

an example of a vitals review from a patient

In terms of text feedback, Vitals doesn’t edit any published comments or ratings from users. However, it does moderate each review to prevent reviews that are “offensive, malicious, inappropriate, sexually explicit in nature, or not made in good faith.”

Can You Delete Vitals Reviews?

The short answer seems to be “no.” Vitals doesn’t seem to have a delete option for its reviews, although you can press the “Report Abuse” button on the bottom-right of each review if you feel that the review’s contents violates Vitals review guidelines.

You can also head over to the Vitals support request section and fill out a form describing your issue under the “Patient Reviews” category.

Take Control of Your Vitals Reviews

The Vitals reviews on your listing are primarily for those looking for new options for a healthcare provider. However, you can use them to find new ways to improve the patient experience. With the right online reputation management software you can utilize customer experience analytics features to find specific pain points in negative reviews.

With these insights, you can make the data-driven changes necessary to keep your current patients while also attracting new ones.

While Vitals doesn’t seem to allow for review responses, you should make a habit of knowing how to respond to negative reviews from your patients. Doing so lets you tell your side of the story while also showing current and future patients that you’re willing to engage with them outside of visiting hours.

a woman looking at vitals reviews to determine her next healthcare provider

Before you write anything down, have some HIPAA-compliant review responses ready. Ensuring patient privacy while also addressing their concerns online is a tightrope act, but when done correctly you instill trust and confidence.

When you do see glowing reviews, make sure you use them as promotional tools as well. Any effective social media marketing healthcare strategy involves the use of patient reviews to  convince others that your practice is worth a visit. Specifically, customer reviews findings show 48% would go out of their insurance network for a provider with favorable reviews.

In other words, showing off your positive feedback is the social proof that consumers need to see before they make a decision. Just make sure that you continue asking for reviews to further increase your online reputation and find more ways to improve your practice.

Final Thoughts

Your Vitals reviews are just one of the many ways people will gauge your online reputation. Ensuring that you have an eye on your many digital listings and responding to patient reviews sounds like plenty of work, but over time it can lead to a better patient experience, which equates to more happy and loyal patients who are willing to tell others about your practice.

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