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March 15, 2015

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Businesses can claim their listing on Judy’s Book to get more reviews, get more customer referrals, and get more business listings (to help their business show up in more search results).

If you are already using ReviewTrackers as your platform for monitoring reviews and managing reputation, then you may already have Judy’s Book reviews in your dashboard. Recently, our team has received a number of really interesting questions asking for more information on when and how it would make business sense to engage proactively with Judy’s Book.

What Is Judy’s Book?

Judy’s Book is a social directory and online review site founded in 2004 that lists and categorizes local businesses, and provides a platform for consumer-generated reviews as well as specialized ratings that assess child-friendliness (KidScore). This is a unique feature only found in this review site.

In contrast to Angie’s List, Judy’s Book is free to consumers. In the past, it launched aggressive review generation campaigns, where customers were rewarded for review submissions with very attractive prizes such as iPods and $100 gift certificates. Because this is an open site, it often competes for ranking in the review category with sites like HomeAdvisor, Yelp, and Insider Pages, among others. Reviews submitted to Judy’s Book are also displayed in for additional leverage and reach.

KidScore as the Main Differentiator

When we took a closer look at Judy’s Book, we could not help but notice that the key differentiator was the availability of a score measuring kid-friendliness. This feature alone makes Judy’s Book particularly useful for families with young kids looking for venues (mostly in the foodservice industry) that are best suited to cater to young children.

This feature also serves as a guide for those looking for venues that are not necessarily a good fit for families with young children, but ad hoc for those looking for a setting that best caters to adults, without the distractions that are accompanied by families with small children. Keep in mind that KidScore is not based on how a business self-assesses; the score is calculated based on the feedback provided by reviewers. 

Here Is How You Can Find Out If Judy’s Book Is for You

If you are already taking advantage of ReviewTrackers’ comprehensive review monitoring tools, you’re in a great position to evaluate if Judy’s Book presently makes sense for your business. There are two things to consider when deciding whether you want your Judy’s Book listing to remain passive, or if you want to claim your profile and use it as one of the many tools of your marketing strategy.

When deciding to move forward, first take a look at the number and frequency of reviews you are currently receiving on Judy’s Book. Second, take a moment to research how Judy’s Book ranks on popular search engines in association with common keywords that are relevant to your business. If you are confident that Judy’s is a consistent source of new reviews, and while conducting rank research you can clearly see that Judy’s Book is among the top results, then the answer is simple: move forward and give Judy’s Book a try.

Engagement at a Cost

You may wonder why it is that you have to evaluate whether to engage or not. It is because in contrast with other popular review sites, Judy’s Book is not a free for all. Yes, shoppers get to see you and can engage socially with all of the tools available in Judy’s Book at no cost. But for business owners, engaging on Judy’s Book is not a freebie.

In order to take over your profile, protect yourself from competitors’ advertisements, and for you to be able to respond to reviews left by customers, you must pay a membership fee. There are two levels of membership. There is the Basic, and multiunit level (Pro). Among other services, a paid membership will activate the following features:

  • Loading of profile photos
  • Expanded market and service areas
  • Your ads will show on competitors’ profiles, and your profile will be free of competitors’ ads
  • Syndication to other review sites
  • Enhanced content (owner message)
  • Link to your site
  • Social media buttons
  • Ability to load offers and coupons
  • Profile video option
  • Tagline option
  • Up to ten keywords associated with your profile
  • Ability to respond to customer reviews

How to Calculate Potential ROI

Now that you know about the features available with Judy’s Book for business, let’s talk money. A basic profile can cost as low as $20 per month, and a pro for multi-units runs at about $80. As a business, the math is simple: Judy’s Book should give you enough exposure and leads to cover your expenses associated with membership, plus some profit. The amount of profit will look different for each business, but it is totally reasonable to expect at least 50 percent ROI. In addition to direct revenue, you will also gain additional visibility through diversification and direct SEO benefits. 

How to Save Money Should You Decide to Join Judy’s

We want to let you in on some insider info. Judy’s prices are not set in stone. Judy’s frequently pushes seasonal promos, discounts, and free trial periods. Consider signing up for their newsletter, and keep checking their site for updates on the latest and greatest. You can also save by purchasing year-long membership if you are pretty confident after conducting internal analysis that Judy’s Book is a good fit for your business.

How to Get the Most from Your Judy’s Book Profile

Getting the most of your paid profile is not rocket science. Maximize every feature available to you, but pay particular attention to features likely to introduce new customers to your business. The promos and coupons give you superior value and can keep you competitive during low season. Take all the necessary steps to enhance your profile, and make it the most attractive and complete when compared to competitors in the same segment.

Judy’s Book is not for everyone, but many local businesses are getting superior results and great customer engagement. Managed in tandem with your whole portfolio, Judy’s Book can give you a significant advantage particularly when it comes to high-value lead generation.

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