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Most business owners today know that online reviews can influence purchase decisions. Brands in the beauty sector are taking advantage of this trend – incorporating reviews as a regular feature of their digital channels in order to drive performance and boost revenues.

According to a survey by research firm L2 Think Tank, 83 percent of beauty brand e-commerce sites now incorporate user reviews. This goes to show that, across the growing industry, business owners and marketers are embracing the word-of-mouth power that user-generated feedback can have.

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Brands in Beauty Sector are Leveraging Reviews to Drive Revenue – Here’s How You Can Do the Same


The survey also found that brands overall are moving away from the live chat features on their websites, instead pushing to include – apart from reviews – product sample offers, customer Q&A sections, and loyalty program information. In general, brands are looking to personalize their online presence in an effort to facilitate purchase and increase customer engagement levels.

“Personalization is a key point of differentiation,” said Danielle Bailey, research lead at L2 Think Tank. “The ability to deliver a targeted set of products that meet beauty consumers’ needs and preferences instills brand loyalty.”

She added: “All brands should be actively monitoring their presence, both official and unofficial.”

Beauty is in the eye of the customer

Are you a business owner or marketer working in the beauty and cosmetics industry? Remember that, in the age of online reviews, beauty is in the eye of the customer. To keep reviews from blemishing your online reputation and leading potential customers astray, we recommend that you follow these quick tips:

Keep an eye on those review sites. Service-based businesses and brands in the beauty sector should actively monitor community-based review sites in order to listen closely and respond promptly to what customers have to say. Otherwise, you won’t be able to join the conversation, or drive customer engagement levels.

Thank customers for their feedback. Regardless of whether it’s good or bad, you have to respond and say thank you to customers who have posted a review. This enables you – if the review is negative – to generate opportunities to change the customer experience for the better. If it’s a positive review, it reinforces the fact that your business cares about and values customer feedback.

Show your savvy by being polite. No need to get into an argument with online critics; no need to always have the last say. By responding politely, professionally, and objectively, you can minimize the impact of negative comments and bad reviews.

Say sorry. In cases wherein your business really was at fault – say, the stylist damaged the customer’s hair or the receptionist really did happen to be rude on the phone – then don’t be reluctant to apologize. This humanizes your brand and gives you the motivation to do better next time.

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  1. Screechy Rich

    Managing reputation in beauty related business is important like in any other business. Nobody want to visit a salon or buy beauty products if their reviews are negative. First of all you must provide quality and once that is done, you can easily build an online reputation. If your customers are satisfied, they will post good reviews. Once the reviews are up, your business will take big swing toward being irresistible to masses.

  2. WilmaP

    Hair salons have one advantage (when we are talking about reviews). The hairdresser can take picture of his work if customer agree. It’s the best review you can get from your customer. Smiling face of satisfied customer shows that customer is pleased with your service and comfortable with your work. That picture is both your review and advertisement of your skills.

  3. Janet Krakowski

    @WilmaP – Well said 🙂

  4. Hollaback Will

    Nowadays,everyone like to look nice, modern and fresh, men or women. The product of well known firms can easily get a good review because they stayed in business for years and years.
    That is if we are talking of cosmetics business, perfumes…well known to whole world. If some new cosmetics shows up, we are suspicious and we always look for reviews. Everybody have different type of skin and wishes, and how to get look like the movie star advertising that product. Impossible…You can usually get some sample of some product and try it, But if you are not satisfied it doesn’t mean it’s not good. Get know your body, skin and wishes.

  5. Sammy J

    Everyone in business like this can make his whole album with photos improving his skills and satisfied customers. That can be proof of a good and quality work or product, especially if you put there some of the best reviews. We always want to believe to promises given by the houses of beauty.

  6. Amanda Eicher

    Beauty products and services are a huge industry and everyone has a unique perspective on the products and services they prefer. I think that reviews for salons and spas can make a huge difference when it comes to picking a place to take your business. You want the assurance that they will do a good job.