Dentistry Marketing 101: Here’s Why You Should – or Shouldn’t – Pay for Dr. Oogle

October 09, 2014

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Dentists seeking to expand the reach of their dental practices and gain new patients are always eager to understand the marketing potential of smaller review sites that offer premium promotional services at a fee, and unlock profile features only for their premium users.

Dr. Oogle is a popular website that hosts and collects dentist reviews, and it has for-pay tools that allow potential patients to engage with dentists by accessing promos, coupons, booking appointments online, and requesting e-consultations.

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If you have a dental practice and you are considering joining Dr. Oogle, here’s a post that reviews the benefits and downsides of this popular review site for dentists.

Is Dr. Oogle Search-Responsive?

We wanted to know how Dr. Oogle would fare when searching for “dentist reviews + city name.” This is critical if you want the name of your practice to perform well in terms of SEO. The table below indicates when Dr. Oogle appears on the first page for our search parameters on twenty cities:

Do Dr. Oogle results appear on the search engines’ first page?

Miami, FL: Yes

Los Angeles, CA: Yes

San Francisco, CA: No

Dallas, TX: Yes

Las Vegas, NV: Yes

Seattle, WA: No

New York,, NY: No

Charleston, SC: No

New Orleans, LA: No

Chicago, IL: Yes

St. Louis, MO: Yes

Houston, TX: Yes

Orlando, FL: Yes

Atlanta, GA: Yes

Santa Fe, NM: No

Denver, CO: Yes

Lexington, KY: Yes

Phoenix, AZ: Yes

Oklahoma City, OK: Yes

San Diego, CA: Yes

Based on the numbers above, DR. Oogle is likely to appear on the first page of search, seven out of ten times. In most instances in the sample above, Dr. Oogle ranked among the first three results for the first page of the search.

Dr. Oogle in Numbers

Dr. Oogle claims to have a little less than 200,000 online reviews written by 140,000 reviewers. According to their own dynamic tracker, they currently have generated 56,000 appointments and a little over 6,000 e-consultations.

What Are the Advantages of Paying for DR. Oogle Premium Services for Dental Practices?

If your dental practice decides to go premium, then you will unlock a variety of features that enhance the shopping experience and provide you with interactive platforms to engage and inform potential patients.

Dr. Oogle is a promising resource for additional referrals for dentists and dental practices, where Dr. Oogle appears on the first page of results in Google and other popular search engines. If you happen to be in one of these markets, then paying for Dr. Oogle Premium will provide your practice with the following tools and features:

  • Your practice can display full contact information
  • Potential patients do not need to login or sign-up to Dr. Oogle to read all your reviews
  • Your Dr. Oogle profile will be linked to your website
  • Helps your website rank better on popular search engines (trusted backlink)
  • Allows you to load an office photo
  • Allows you to include a text-rich description of your practice, specialties, certifications, etc.
  • Lets you post your office hours and emergency contact procedures
  • Allows you to highlight technology and equipment available at your practice
  • Special training, promotions, dental articles
  • Before-and-after case photos
  • You can link your Dr. Oogle profile to your YouTube dental videos
  • Local dental and specialty advertising
  • It allows for potential patients to book appointments online
  • Receive instant notification of new reviews
  • Activates your profile to allow you to respond to reviews specific to your practice
  • Engage with patients looking for a dentist by using the e-consultation feature
  • You can request removal of spam reviews

The pricing for a premium membership varies tremendously, and it is calculated, among other things, by the market reach by Dr. Oogle for a particular region and the size of your practice. They do offer a free trial to help you assess the value of their services to your dental practice.

The Pros

Dr. Oogle can certainly help a private dental practice secure new patient leads in markets where the review site has search dominance.

Dr. Oogle Premium provides shoppers with one of the most informative profiles for dentists, with metrics specific to their profession, giving far more clarity in the decision-making process than the information one can find on more generic websites such as Yelp.

Dr. Oogle allows potential patients to book appointments online, directly via their website. This is particularly useful in securing new leads from shoppers hesitant to engage in phone interaction.

The Cons

Dr. Oogle only has a little less than 200,000 reviews. When compared to other review sites, that is not necessarily a strong number. Many dentists currently listed in Dr. Oogle do not have a single review.

Dr. Oogle’s interface is informative, but it is also very busy and data-heavy. Some shoppers may find that fact overwhelming and unhelpful.

Dr. Oogle may not be of value as a lead-generating review site for markets, where it does not rank on the first page for popular searches associated with finding a dentist.

Dr. Oogle is not a familiar brand, and this may hinder credibility for some potential patients.

In conclusion, deciding to move forward with a Dr. Oogle premium account may look different to every single dental practice. Your decision to go premium should be made based on data and facts. Because Dr. Oogle has a free trial period, the risk is minimal and certainly worth the time investment. If you are looking for an additional channel for affordable lead generation, then consider taking a closer look. Dr. Oogle may just be the right prescription for your private dental practice.

As always we encourage dentists and other healthcare professionals to take a holistic approach to online reviews and reputation management ensuring all their bases are covered and engaging with all reviewers regardless of the site of choice. We have the tools to make holistic reputation management easy and accessible even for small dental practices.

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