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Understanding how potential patients shop and select medical doctors is key in making marketing and business management decisions that affect the growth of a private practice or a larger medical facility. Search behaviors related to healthcare happen in three main categories.


The first category is based on patients seeking information specific to a procedure or medical condition. An example would be a search for “best rhinoplasty in Boston.” This type of search is likely to point the potential patient to reviews on popular review websites that narrate personal experiences related to a nose job. 


A second search path we commonly see in association with medical doctors is a search by specialization. A specialty-based search is often a patient looking for the most qualified, best-reviewed specialist who also is in close proximity to the patient’s geographical location and has superior customer feedback. Potential patients searching by specialty most likely are new to the area, or it is their first time needing the medical services of a specialist.

Name Search

The third most common way to search for a medical practitioner is a search by name. A potential patient might have received a referral or feedback specific to a medical doctor, and he or she is now in research mode, trying to obtain background information that provides the potential patient with reassurance regarding the qualifications and reputation of the doctor or facility in question. (DID YOU KNOW? At least 1 out of 4 patients check online doctor reviews and ratings.)

If a medical facility is already on board with reputation management, chances are they are currently tackling healthcare-specific websites such as, Healthgrades, HealthTap,, and DR. Oogle. Addressing these review websites is highly important, but quite often equally relevant websites are neglected due to lack of knowledge regarding lead origination.

Insider Pages: Beneficial for Doctors and Medical Practices

One of the most commonly neglected review websites that has significant potential as a lead generator for medical doctors is Insider Pages.

Insider Pages remains quite popular in larger urban markets where growing a medical practice might prove to be highly competitive and challenging. Because Insider Pages ranks well in popular search engines, doctors wishing to capture a larger market share may greatly benefit from managing their Insider Pages profile and taking steps to enhance their interaction with reviewers.

Search by Specialty Feature Helps New Patients Find You

Like we discussed earlier, many potential patients conduct their search for medical doctors based on specialty, and their main goal in using past patient reviews is to ensure they reach out to the most competent and highest rated physician.

If you are fortunate enough to have a strong score on Insider Pages, then take full advantage of the lead opportunity by enhancing your profile and including procedures specific to your areas of expertise. Insider Pages lets potential patients sort by popularity and number of reviews, increasing the potential of securing great leads if you have a good history of engagement.

Impress Referrals Searching by Name

For a large number of markets with limited penetration from newer and more specialized review websites, there is a distinct possibility that your name plus the keyword reviews entered into a popular search engine will result in an Insider Pages displaying on the first page. If you are fortunate enough to have great reviews, then the display will show star ratings in association with the listing, increasing the chances of potential patients clicking on the listing and seeking to move forward by contacting your clinic for an appointment.

Insider Pages Gender-Based Sort Can Help You Grow Your Practice

It is a well-known fact that the practice of medicine and how doctor-to-patient relationship and trust is established is not gender neutral. Religious and cultural perceptions influence the willingness of a patient to be examined and treated by someone of the opposite gender. In fact, for medical specialties such as obstetrics and gynecology, approximately 70 percent of women prefer a female practitioner. Similarly, many males have a higher level of comfort with a male urologist or proctologist. Insider Pages gender sort is especially useful in helping match potential patients more likely to feel comfortable with a physician based on their gender.

Insider Pages Sort by Years of Experience Helps You Pinpoint Expertise

Insider Pages allows potential patients to conduct a search that limits the results based on the number of years of experience practicing medicine. If you are a doctor with more than five years under your belt, then this feature may just help point additional patients your way.

As for recent medical graduates, don’t be intimidated by this feature. There are many patients who are specifically seeking recent graduates because of their familiarity with new advances in medical technology.

Insider Pages Lets Medical Doctors Pinpoint Multilingualism

In our opinion, this is perhaps one of the most valuable search features offered by Insider Pages. Overcoming language barriers and securing care in their native tongue is a high priority to many patients. With over 40 million foreign-born immigrants living in the United States, and many more first-generation individuals who might feel most comfortable speaking their native language, locating a medical doctor who speaks their language is of significant importance.

It is also important to note that doctors who speak the native language of a patient have a higher patient retention rate, and they score significantly higher when it comes to metrics such as patient satisfaction and overall clinic satisfaction. Chances are, speaking a foreign language will significantly impact your overall scores on Insider Pages as well as other popular review websites.

There is a caveat when it comes to using a language skill to grow a medical practice. If the doctor is not fluent in the languages listed on his or her professional profiles, then there is significant risk of patient dissatisfaction. Before you move forward with listing your practice as a multilingual practice, be certain you and your staff will be able to deliver quality medical services in said language.

Insider Pages Proximity Search Removes the Burden of Distance

Insider Pages allows potential patients to include maximum distance using zip code as a sort feature when looking for a doctor. By empowering patients by helping them find a doctor in close proximity to their home, Insider Pages reduces the number of appointments missed due to transportation issues or other limitations imposed on patients due to distance. This feature is especially useful for doctors that care for senior citizens.

As you can see, Insider Pages truly empowers patients with a variety of tools with sufficient weight to help them decide against or in favor of a particular doctor based on many parameters that make sense at a basic human level but also financially and in terms of cultural compatibility. Make time today to take a closer look at the potential of hands-on reputation and review management on Insider Pages and other popular review websites for doctors and patients.


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