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Street Fight is holding the Local Data Summit – Conference (#LDS15) tomorrow, March 5, at the Expo Event Center in Denver, Colorado. Here at ReviewTrackers we’re checking out what’s happening and keeping an ear out for the latest trends, tips and tools in local business marketing.

This year’s Local Data Summit features the most connected human on earth, Chris Dancy, who will talk about local data and consumer privacy. David Mihm from SEO software company Moz will also be there to talk about the opportunities that businesses can leverage in lieu of Google’s evolving local search strategies. Other speakers include Stefan Weitz, Director of Search for Bing; Darren Clark, CTO of; Steven Jacobs, Deputy Editor for Street Fight; and Gil Elbaz, CEO of location platform Factual.

Don’t have your badge for the event? Keep yourself updated by following along the hashtag #LDS15 on Twitter. Meanwhile, here are 7 interesting numbers about local data that business owners and enterprise-level organizations need to know:

80 percent: The percentage of adults who will own a smartphone connected to the Internet by 2020. If you still don’t have a mobile marketing and optimization strategy, now is the time to get in the game and reach increasingly mobile audiences.

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97 percent: The percentage of consumers who use computers or mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) to consult the Internet before buying a product or service. Of these, 90 percent use search engines, while 48 percent turn to Internet yellow pages.

10.3 billion: The amount, in dollars, of potential annual sales lost because of wrong, missing, or incomplete local data. That’s why it’s so important, when building out your business presence on local listings, social networks, and review sites, to make sure that you enter the correct business name, address, category, phone number, URL, and location.

43 percent: The percentage of businesses in the US that have at least one incorrect or missing address on online directories, local business listings, social media, and online review sites.

62 percent: The percentage of people who say that social media (spending time on Facebook, Twitter, etc.) has no influence on their purchase decisions. So spend your time wisely: focusing on monitoring online reviews and managing online reputation is probably more worthwhile for your business organization.

Why reviews? Simple: review data makes a direct impact on your business’ bottom line.

3 out of 4: The number of local businesses that are convinced that the tone and sentiment of their online customer reviews will ultimately affect their business value.

78 percent: The percentage of American consumers who consult reviews before making a purchase decision.

Interested to find out more? Download our PDF report for industry statistics. And if you have questions, send a message to the friendly ReviewTrackers team and let us know how we can help you leverage local data to boost your business performance.

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Chris Campbell

Chris is the CEO of ReviewTrackers. He has helped tens of thousands of businesses hear, manage, and respond to what their customers are saying online.


  1. Jeff L

    I was surprised to see how little people say Facebook and Twitter affect their purchases. I definitely think that social media’s performance is overrated but I just didn’t realize it was by that much.

    • Rylan Howie

      I think it depends a lot on what type of product you’re marketing. People tend not to like being directly solicited online. But for spreading the word about something it can work wonders.