How to Manage Seamless, Eat24, and GrubHub Reviews

July 05, 2018

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The food delivery industry is booming.

“Consumers are staying home more than ever before and, increasingly, even when they’re eating out, they’re eating in,” writes Matthew Cochrane in an article in the Motley Fool.

The U.S. home delivery food market will increase 79 percent in the next five years, according to the investment firm Cowen. In addition, in the first quarter of 2018, active diners on Grubhub increased 72 percent year over year at 15.1 million, according to a release from Grubhub. 

Tips to Manage Seamless, Eat24, and Grubhub Reviews

Grubhub and Seamless merged in 2013 to serve individual diners and corporate businesses. Then, in 2017, Grubhub acquired Eat24 from Yelp. Because all of these sites are affiliated with Grubhub and specific to delivery, restaurants should manage these reviews in the same way.

Grubhub’s other brands also include AllMenus and MenuPages.

Use Reviews to Improve Customer Experience

Reviews across Seamless, Eat24, and Grubhub should be used as tools to provide insights into the customer experience.

Reviews can be used to improve menu items and delivery operations. Grubhub recommends measuring two key metrics:

  • Timeliness: Make sure food is being delivered on time.
  • Order Accuracy: Always double-check that orders are correct.

You can use reviews to measure these two metrics. If multiple reviewers say the food was delivered too late, work to deliver food in a more timely manner.

Order accuracy might be an easier fix. While it’s not just your restaurant that is delivering the food, which means you do not have full control if the order is delivered (it’s also up to the person and things like traffic and weather can cause delays), you do have full control over making sure the order is correct.

If you see that multiple customers say they didn’t get the correct order, then it’s time to focus on checking orders before they go out.

Respond to Grubhub Reviews

Here’s how to get to review response on Grubhub, according to Grubhub’s support page:

  1. Log into your account at 
  2. Click on the top left icon, then click management. Select reviews toward the right on the top bar.
  3.  There’s a reviews section you’ll see first and a Respond to reviews section below that. In the Respond to reviews section, you can see all reviews about your restaurant.
  4. You’ll see a text box underneath the review. Use that textbox to respond.

Customers will receive an email from Grubhub to notify them that a business has responded to their review. Because of this notification, you should respond to all customer reviews on Grubhub. Customers will know if you do not respond.

Here’s our advice on how to respond to negative reviews:

  1.     Apologize
  2.     Explain that the issue is not fine.
  3.     Promise you’ll do better next time.
  4.     Ask the guest to come back to your restaurant.
  5.     Sign your name and leave contact information for the guest.

If you read one section from this article…

What these online review platforms give you is a presence on delivery apps. Consumers will only continue to get delivery from local restaurants. And these sites provide an easy option to do that for consumers. When consumers scroll through a list of restaurants, they will see yours. They will see the star rating. They will read the reviews. They will use reviews to decide whether or not to order from your restaurant.

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