How to Add Menus to Your Facebook Business Page with Facebook Business Manager

November 21, 2018

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Most restaurants include menus on their Yelp listings, but you can also do the same thing on your Facebook Page.

You can do this through one of two methods:

    1. Use a Facebook account that either manages an individual Page or through Facebook Business Manager.
    2. Upload the menu through SinglePlatform.

Adding a menu on Facebook can keep people, who can potentially turn into actual customers, hooked on your business Page.

To add a menu, you’ll need to claim your Facebook business page, so make sure to do that before starting.

Uploading, Editing, and Deleting Your Facebook Menus

Even if you don’t have a SinglePlatform account, you can still upload a PDF copy or add a link to the business’ menu directly onto the Facebook business Page. This is also the same process for editing an existing menu. To do this:

    1. Click on the “About” tab on the Page’s menu on the left-hand side.
    2. Scroll down to the “More Info” section and click the “Add Menu” link.
    3. Choose to copy and a paste a link to the menu from your website or upload a PDF file. The maximum PDF file size is 1 MB.
      facebook page menu
    4. Click the “Confirm” button to finalize your changes.

Editing Your SinglePlatform Menu

If your menu was uploaded through SinglePlatform you will need to email [email protected] to make any edits. You’ll need to include the following information in the message:

    • The name of the business.
    • A link to the Facebook business Page.
    • A link or attachment to the correct menu. The attachment must be in a .doc or PDF format.

SinglePlatform will update the Facebook menu within two business days. Keep in mind that SinglePlatform currently supports menus in the United States and Canada only.

How to Delete A Menu from Your Facebook Page

You also have the option to remove the menu on your Facebook Page in a few and easy steps.

    1. Go to the “About” tab on the left-hand size menu on the Page.
    2. Scroll down to the “More Info” section and hover over the “See Menu” link and then click the “Edit” link.
    3. Click “Do Not Show Menu” and hit “Confirm” to save your changes.
      facebook page menu

Another Way to Show Off Your Menu  

The menus are available for users on a Page’s “About” section, which are on the left-hand side menu of the Page. From there, scroll down to the “More Info” section. The menu link should be featured next to the icon of a fork and knife.

Our own 2018 Online Reviews Survey revealed that Facebook is one of the top five review sites that consumers use before they visit a business. By adding a menu to a Facebook business Page, you can give consumers more information on the listing so that they don’t have to go to another review site to make an informed decision.

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