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snapchat geofilters

Photo messaging app Snapchat has introduced a new range of filters, enabling users to add labels or their own art and drawings based on their location.

The new feature – called Geofilters – is already available for special locations in Los Angeles and New York. To get started with it, users must first enable location services (don’t worry – Snapchat still won’t store your location information), then swipe right on the preview screen after snapping a photo in certain destinations in Los Angeles or New York.

If you’re taking selfies at Disneyland, for example, then you’ll be able to check out new filters or artwork related to the amusement park. Or if you’re passing through the Getty in Los Angeles, you can add an overlay label to your Snapchat photo taken in that location.

“We think Geofilters are really fun, and we are excited for people to discover them in different places,” Snapchat Communications VP Mary Ritti told VentureBeat. “We are not sharing the total number created thus far, and we think it will be fun for people to find them.”

Geofilters add a fun new dimension to the Snapchat experience. For business owners, meanwhile, it will be interesting to see if the feature will be monetized and made to display ads when users snap from certain (business) locations. If you’re a retailer, for example, then you might soon see an option in the app for paying to have your own filters hosted when users snap a photo near your location. Let’s wait and see.

(Image and video credit: Snapchat)

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  1. RedBlack88

    That really could be a nice way of promoting your business. Every snapshot taken near your business area will highlight your business. That would be awesome. I really hope that this will not remain only an idea, but it will become possible.