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Online reviews are making a direct impact on purchase decisions – not just for consumers who are making service-based transactions (eating in restaurants, checking into hotels), but also for those who are searching and shopping online for specific products.

In a new study called “Conversation Index Volume 8,” results show that product page visitors who read and interact with online reviews convert at a 58 percent higher rate than those who don’t. This suggests that an increase in the quantity of product reviews can be an important factor in boosting sales and performance.

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The Bazaarvoice study, which is based on more than 57 million reviews and 35 billion product page views, also reveals that adding one online review to a product page could result in a 10 percent increase in orders. Meanwhile, when a product goes from having zero reviews to having 30 reviews, it could result to a 25 percent increase in orders; and those that add 100 reviews can experience up to a 37 percent increase in orders.

That’s why product-based brands and businesses in the retail sector are already leveraging the power of reviews – the beauty sector being one of the most notable examples.

Here are other highlights from the new study:

  • Shoppers who read and interact with product reviews reflect an increase of 62 percent in revenue per visit.
  • The average order value increases to 3 percent when shoppers engage with product reviews.
  • When online reviews are added to a product page, the brand or business typically sees an increase in search traffic, ranging from 15 percent to 25 percent.
  • According to the study, 8 reviews can add about 800 words of diverse user-generated content (UGC) to a page, which search engines like Google would rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) than a page with fewer, less diverse product-specific content.

The latest research reaffirms findings last year by the Chicago-based e-tailing group, which found that more and more retailers and brands are embracing reviews to fuel sales. According to the group, 73 percent are already keeping an eye on – and managing – their customer reviews as part of their social media marketing strategy, and 18 percent are making “significant” investments to generate new reviews and other kinds of user-generated content.

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