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Welcome to Customer Insights, a weekly digest of the most important stories about online reviews, customer feedback, and customer experience. This week: new study shows millennials give healthcare providers one chance, and customer experience advisor says companies should never compromise quality to save money.

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Millennials Give You One Shot, Healthcare Providers

The patient experience is at the forefront of how millennials will decide whether or not they’ll come back to you as a healthcare provider, according to a study by Health Industry Distributors Association.

As a generation that is more than twice as likely to research doctors on online review websites, 32 percent of millennials said they if they did not like their experience, they chose a different doctor. That’s 12 more percentage points compared to other generations’ use of online review websites.

“Millennials are looking for convenience and customer service, and they’re not necessarily looking for a long-term, in-depth relationship, said Dr. Halee Fischer-Wright, CEO of the Medical Group Management Association.

What are Millennials looking for in an experience? Short wait times, low cost, friendly service, an online portal, and follow-up calls. And the quality of medical products count , too.

Look for ways improve or maintain the patient experience at your healthcare practice. In addition to the digital and in-person experience, be sure to manage your online reputation so that when millennials research you, they’ll see positive ratings and reviews.

Do Not Compromise Quality to Save Money

You do not need to save every penny.

According to Blake Morgan, customer experience advisor and contributor to Forbes, your company should never cut back on quality to “save a dollar.” Morgan writes that she was excited to try illy on a recent United Airlines flight. illy is the company’s new choice of coffee brand, and the news had been hyped in the media.

But to her dissatisfaction, she was served a watery cup of coffee because United had to use all of the old coffee before they could start serving the new coffee. “It was disappointing because United is such a rich and powerful brand that it seemed ridiculous to have to serve old coffee after announcing a new program that could be great for customer experience,” Morgan writes.

For any industry – including finance, healthcare, insurance and automotive – the customer experience should come first, even if that means sacrificing savings.

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