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Welcome to Customer Insights, a weekly digest of the most important stories about online reviews, customer feedback, and customer experience. This week: CIOs should be involved in customer experience.

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Can We Do That? CIOs Should Be Involved in Customer Experience

Chief information officers should be deeply involved in the customer journey from start to finish and co-lead customer experience initiatives at a company.

That’s according to an opinion article by Howard Tiersky, CEO and founder of FROM. He writes that “CX innovation sits at the intersection of customer needs and the ever-changing landscape of what’s technically possible.”

Therefore, CIOs and their teams must be involved in the continuous redesign of customer experience for innovation to thrive.

The need for more involvement from CIOs in customer experience shows just how much the customer experience matters now and that it will matter even more in the near future. Companies should implement software systems to gather the massive amounts of customer data needed to innovate the customer experience.

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Megan Wenzl

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  1. Madeline B. Baber

    Understanding the customer’s needs is crucial for anyone involved CX and CIOs are no exception. CIOs should take time to learn how their company’s technology affects customers and how they can create technology that will not only improve CX, but build trust between the business and the customer. One way to do this? Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Consider mapping out possible digital customer routes, and what technology they will need at each step of their journey.

  2. Amanda

    It is so important for a business to learn from their customers and grow from the feedback they receive. Knowing what your customer wants can help you create a better business and customer feedback can even give you some new ideas you may not have considered before.