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Welcome to Customer Insights, a weekly digest of the most important stories about online reviews, customer feedback, and customer experience. This week: The support of leadership is essential to create a customer experience that drives profit.


CX: Driven by leadership?

The strong support of leadership and a clear customer experience strategy is essential for effective communication across departments to creates a competitive customer experience: one that drives profit.

Despite the fact that customer experience is perceived to be run by marketing at a company, the driver of customer experience should be in the hands of the CEO or CFO, argues Cormac Corrigan, co-founder of CJ Ignition.

Customers see companies as a series of interactions with the business, he writes, while companies see themselves as different departments that work together to service customers. There’s a space between these views at many companies, he argues.

The customer experience strategy of the company must be supported from the CEO down, he argues. This is to ensure alignment of all departments within the company and to give employees the confidence to make the right decisions. 

Megan Wenzl

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  1. Amanda

    Having the best possible customer experience is so important for your business. It keeps customers happy and hopefully makes them a loyal customer to your company. The customer experience should be a priority at any level of the business because your customers are ultimately what makes or breaks a business