The Ultimate Business Guide to Getting More Reviews Using Groupon Deals

September 05, 2014

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The Ultimate Business Guide to Getting More Reviews Using Groupon Deals

It seems like everyone else in your segment and local market is getting better online reviews at a quicker pace than you are. As a smart business owner, you know that having frequent, good-quality reviews has the potential to point more customers in your direction, and you are willing to do whatever it takes to get more interactive engagement via check-ins and reviews. If this sounds like you and your business, then you may just be at the right stage to launch a Groupon promotional offer.

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Groupon is one of the fastest growing deal websites today, with over 200 million subscribers and counting. Chances are, everyone you know or wish to know is marketed by Groupon via e-mail or indirectly via Facebook advertising, banner advertising, and Google ads. If your goal is to reach a wider audience and jump-start your interactive online engagement, then follow these steps and watch how a well-designed and managed Groupon deal can be a game-changer for your online reputation.

High Perceived Value and Low Overhead

Since the goal of a Groupon is to throw a wide net, make sure your offer has a high perceived value and a low overhead. The greater the gap between what it costs you to fulfill and what the customer perceives as the fair-market value of your product and service, the better chance you have of high engagement and high customer satisfaction.

Simply said, customers that feel they got a deal are more likely to engage interactively and leave high-scoring online reviews.

Clear and Fair Small Print

Too many rules often lead to miscommunications. When drafting the rules around your Groupon offering, aim at simplicity and clarity. A transparent and easy-to-redeem deal increases customer satisfaction and improves the probability of repeat business.

Volume Readiness

Handling your new customers seamlessly is the secret sauce to superior customer satisfaction. The combination of a great value with great service is the formula for success when it comes to having new customers brag online about your product or service. Ask your Groupon representative to share with you historical data regarding redemption patterns and volume spikes, in order to try to create a proper forecast and staffing model around your increased demand.

Process Readiness

Make sure everyone in your staff is trained on how to redeem the Groupon. Set your point of sale codes accordingly, and provide cashiers with a cheat sheet as well as escalation procedures when facing complexities associated to the Groupon promo.

Bring Your A-Game

Before you even consider running a Groupon, work on optimizing your services, products, and processes to an acceptable level of excellence. Use your prior reviews to understand pain points, and correct common problems before you potentially expose hundreds of new customers to a shortcoming that might affect customer experience.

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

Make sure your Groupon does not alienate your current customer base. You may want to consider running a parallel promotion to recognize your most loyal customers or making them aware of the coupon so that they may also share in the savings. A good, loyal customer is a great treasure worth preserving. Don’t let your aspirations for a wider audience and better reviews sabotage your best business asset.

Capture New-Customer Data

Groupon will not share personal information of customers purchasing your Groupon. It is up to you to set the stage to add those coming in the door to your client list. Strategize a way to capture e-mail or contact information by creating a value-ad promo. Use the email list to thank your new customers for their business, and when applicable encourage them to write a review. 

Be Ready for Interactive Engagement

Given the goal of your Groupon promotional campaign is to widen your social reach, review volume, and online reputation, it is wise to be ready to engage with reviewers in real time. Implement the right review monitoring tools to track reviews, and provide responses expediently. If properly handled, your Groupon should increase your review volume as well as your score average. Should you receive a less-than-excellent review resulting from your Groupon, tackle the issue immediately by providing remedy to the customer and correcting the issue internally to avoid impacting additional customers.

Here Is a Quick Checklist for Your Groupon Campaign: 

  • Is my promotion attractive, strategic, and cost effective?
  • Did I negotiate the best possible cut with Groupon?
  • Are my staff and systems ready to redeem the Groupon?
  • Is my website updated and able to handle a traffic spike?
  • Are we ready to deliver excellent products and services?
  • Are my review sites profiles updated?
  • Have I taken marketing measures to take care of my most loyal customers?
  • Have I studied Groupon promos that have worked for others in my niche?
  • Do I have a method in place to capture contact info for new customers?
  • Have I implemented the tools and processes to monitor and manage my reviews?

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