August 20, 2020

How You Can Syndicate Reviews to Amplify Your Online Reputation

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If you are a business of any size whose lead generation is tied to Web searches and listings on popular review sites then you’ll need a strategy to syndicate reviews to drive conversions and create loyal customers.

Customer reviews data shows that people need about 112 reviews to confirm the authenticity of a rating and 77.6% will need to see seven comments saying the same thing before they believe that there is a trend. With a review syndication plan in place, you can easily influence consumers that your products and services are worth their time and money, which can further increase the reach, visibility, and reputation of your brand for the better.

What Are Syndicated Reviews?

To put it simply, review syndication occurs when one site authorizes or automatically feeds its existing content (in this case, reviews) to other sites, either completely or partially, in the form of a snippet. By sharing the content, businesses can exponentially increase the exposure of their brand message across different networks and reach expanded audiences.

In short, when reviews, specifically good reviews, are shared from other sites, word-of-mouth marketing happens in the digital context. This, in turn, increases brand awareness to other customers who might otherwise never know about your business.


How Do Syndicated Reviews Affect Search Engine Optimization?

A local SEO strategy is practically a mandatory part of any brand in today’s digital environment, and review syndication also plays a role in that grand plan. Syndicating reviews on your website can be viewed as user-generated content, which Google considers as part of its vast criteria of SERP (search engine results page) rankings.

Over time, those reviews will not only attract people to your website, but also turn prospects into loyal customers. After all, customer reviews are used by 92.4% of consumers to guide their purchase decisions. The question then becomes…

How Do I Effectively Syndicate Reviews?

A great place to start is your website. Showcasing your best customer reviews in your home page and next to your products for sale can be the definitive social proof people need to make a purchase. In addition, the more reviews you show, the better. Customer reviews data shows the 18-34 age group expects about 203 reviews when conducting online research on a product.

A great way to showcase all of those reviews is with an easy-to-use review widget like Amplify. Not only does this widget save valuable time and money for any brand, but the various presentation options for your online reviews can be appealing to future loyal customers.

a screenshot of the reviewtrackers amplify widget which can syndicate reviews of your business to your website

You can also create a social media reviews strategy that allows you to utilize your best reviews to capture the many eyes already on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. People who see your review post and interact with it opens the door for you to foster powerful community management that makes your customers a vital part of your brand’s success.

How Can I Capture More Syndicated Reviews?

The easiest path involves asking for reviews across your business review sites. Any brand’s online presence isn’t just restricted to their website; Google My Business, Facebook, and a Yelp business page (where applicable) are crucial when it comes to casting a wide net for customer feedback.

However, that’s only one facet of effective online review management. Not every review is going to be full of praise. Nevertheless, you have to maintain a professional attitude when engaging with positive or negative feedback. The way you learn how to respond to negative reviews says plenty about your willingness and attitude to all kinds of feedback, which can attract or push away more customers.

a woman looking preparing to syndicate reviews to her website

The Attraction of Syndicated Reviews

With syndicated reviews, you become proactive in gaining additional exposure, increase review and social signals, and utilize customer feedback to get to the top of the SERP rankings. To keep the momentum going, you’ll need to stay on top of any and all future reviews. Managing and monitoring your reviews today means more trust in the future from those who are more than willing to spread the message of your brand and bring in even more customer loyalty.

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