How to Improve Productivity in the Workplace

September 01, 2016

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Productivity is a hot topic right now. Everybody wants to become more productive, and we’re all looking for the best tools, apps, hacks, and tips.

There isn’t just one way to increase employee’s productivity, though. There are multiple ways, and motivations for being productive at work vary depending on the person.  

While there isn’t one right answer to increase productivity for time management, here are some tips to help guide you as you look to create a more productive work environment, whether you’re an employee or a business owner.

According to Donna M. Lubrano, adjunct faculty in marketing, communications and international business at Northeastern University, all employees should feel trusted and that they are helping the company.

Productivity Tips and Techniques

Here are a few tips Lubrano shared to help companies create a more productive work environment:

Reward productivity. Create a rewards package that makes sense for your employees. These can be individual perks for a job well done, or team activities for great collaboration with awesome outcomes.

Pay equal attention to everyone. Make sure you give everyone an equal chance at success. Set up opportunities for them to achieve their professional and individual goals. Create training programs and mentoring opportunities not just for those who are just starting out, but also for the ones who are in the middle of their career or have advanced to higher positions throughout the years.

Look around the space and see what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes, modifying your work design, work flow, or ergonomics can be a game changer. Major corporations such as BMW are fantastic at helping design manufacturing processes that are optimal for employees to feel satisfied and successful.

Keep the work interesting. No one wants to be bored. Build individual and group advancement opportunities that keep people moving forward.

Foster a culture of respect and trust. We all know in this climate that all of us are expendable. A great company makes each employee feel like they make a difference.

Mobility, pets, and technology

Hannah Quesnell, account executive at Mungo Creative Group, has a different opinion of productivity. She said the rise of mobility is one of the most significant drivers of change in the workplace.

“Work today is being done everywhere: at the office, at home, and on the road,” she said. “Offices that are able to morph into an office-as-a-service model, acting as physical meeting points rather than daily workplaces are better placed to attract the right talent. Organizations are embracing new ways of working to foster more efficient collaboration, knowledge-sharing, flexibility, speed, innovation and productivity.”

How about being around animals to increase productivity? Camp Bow Wow, a pet care franchise based in Colorado, has created a productive work environment with pets.  

Employees in the corporate offices are encouraged to bring their pets to work. They can even bring their pets to meetings. Camp Bow Wow president Christina Russell said that the employees’ dogs are not just cute to look at; they also improve relationships with co-workers and increase productivity.

Camp Bow Wow provides dogs with a fun and safe environment to stay while their parents are busy or traveling.

James Goodnow, a lawyer with Fennemore Craig who was recently named one of “America’s Techiest Lawyers” by ABA Journal, uses technology to help accomplish goals.

He said, “Here in our practice, we use a number of pieces of technology to help with our short-term and long-term goals, and we’re always striving to become even more productive as we expand into new markets.

“Internally, we’ve developed a digital tap code (on the Apple Watch). If you’re in a meeting and you feel two taps, it means check your e-mail. Four taps means it’s urgent — I may need to gracefully exit this meeting, and ten taps is an emergency — something is going down.”

Organizations should use these tips to create a more productive work environment. To tap into your employees’ full potential, you must make sure they feel appreciated and that they have control over how they work.


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