Groupon for Businesses: Here’s What You Need to Know

November 27, 2014

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In an effort to leverage its brand and create a business model that is sustainable and allows for longer engagements with local businesses and increased relevance for end users, Groupon recently launched a feature for businesses called Pages.

In short, Groupon has made a huge stride by moving from a deals-based email list to a business model that seeks to mimic Yelp and other directories by providing businesses with a permanent page or listing to help them support their e-commerce strategy.

Up until now businesses running a promo or deal with Groupon would have a listing for as long as the deal was active. The listing would go into expired status and soon enough it would end up deprioritized by newer and more exciting deals.

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On launch, Groupon Pages will have over 7 million listings and over 20 million reviews. After a successful pilot in Chicago, DC, New York, San Francisco, and Seattle, Pages will continue to roll out until nearly every brick and mortar business has a listing or permanent page.

Before we take a closer look at why your business might benefit from this feature, let’s review the who, why, and how that drives Groupon’s marketing. 

Who Uses Groupon? 

While there are many nightmare stories of Groupons gone wrong, when managed and planned correctly, a Groupon campaign can greatly and positively impact your online presence, customer reach, and brand awareness.

In fact, just a quick look at who uses Groupon is enough of an incentive to be willing to consider it as part of your overall marketing strategy. Over 25 percent of Groupon users have incomes of 100k or more, and 71 percent have college degrees. Most importantly, a little over 77 percent of all Groupon customers spend above the Groupon value, and 85 percent are likely to pay a return visit to the merchant.

With this in mind, we can begin to see why the progression into a directory-like environment absolutely makes sense. It is likely to be a significant player when it comes to helping local businesses penetrate their markets. Engaging with Groupon will give your business access to over 200 million consumers worldwide.

Why Join Groupon and Create Your Pages?

Perhaps your business has never before considered Groupon as an option for online marketing. We believe this is a great opportunity to jump in; there is little to no risk or cost while you glean significant marketing benefits. Joining in will give you the option to issue promos and discounts, but it is not a requirement for creating your page. The page will work similarly to listings on Yelp and TripAdvisor, equipping you with tools to engage with current and future customers.

The main reason for joining is to begin building relationships with a new and expanded audience, and utilize the strength of the Groupon brand to the advantage of your business. For small to medium businesses, it comes down to using every possible free or low-cost channel to fortify how potential customers find them across all search engines and popular websites.

How to Join Groupon Pages for Business 

If you are a business, you can claim your Groupon page here. Once you have claimed your Groupon page, you will be able to engage with reviewers and shoppers as follows:

  • Profile ownership, which allows you to customize the experience by tailoring your marketing message to align with your brand.
  • Add business-relevant information such as menus, hours of operation, multimedia, a link to your business phone number, and even testimonials.
  • Real-time review notifications. As a merchant, you will receive immediate alerts every single time a customer redeems a deal and completes the survey associated with the completed deal.
  • Respond to feedback. Like many other review websites, this is a business opportunity you don’t want to miss. By engaging reviewers in conversation, you will be able to provide remedy, clarify concerns, and even thank reviewers for their kind words.

The end goal of Groupon is to engage your business in a commercial relationship whereby you secure their services to launch a deal. But even if you decide not to use them in this fashion, you can still benefit greatly from activating and taking ownership of your profile.

As for your reviewers and potential customers, they will also benefit from this great feature by being able to access an array of services such as requesting a deal, reviewing a business, or keeping a curated list of their favorite businesses. Imagine how valuable it will be to receive ideas as to how the perfect deal looks like for consumers wanting to visit your location. In no time you will begin to identify patterns showing you what customers really want thus allowing you to craft customized promos and deals that make sense to the end user.

We cannot predict how Groupon Pages will play out, but we do know that with a collection of reviews 20 million strong, Groupon will jump into the review-website market with a great deal of strength and will likely position itself as one of the leaders.

For businesses, it is good to keep in mind that a deal is likely to generate increased review volume as well as higher scores when customers using the deal have an enhanced perception of value. Be sure to include Groupon pages as one of the many online resources that can help you boost your online business reputation. It can grow your profitability as you reach new customers that would not otherwise be willing to give your business a try.

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