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The Top 3 Qualities of a Customer Experience Representative

October 25, 2016

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Often brushed aside under the guise of customer service, customer experience representatives are a recently realized necessity for many companies.

According to Harvard Business Review, customer experience is defined as “the sum of all interactions a customer has with a company.”

This differs from customer service. It encompasses everything that customers are able to access, all of the touch points throughout the lifespan of their relationship with a company.

Customer service, on the other hand, focuses only on problem-based connections. Understandably, this gave way to a booming need for positions under the label of customer experience.

Browsing through job boards such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, etc., one can find an abundance of positions listed under some form of the title “customer experience representative.”

But what exactly does a company look for in a candidate for that position?

The truth is that none of the top qualities should come as any surprise; however, after careful explanation by three company representatives looking to hire new customer experience representatives, the qualifications can be better understood.

To hire the ultimate customer experience representative, look for these three characteristics:

1. Most often at the top of recruiters lists for a customer experience representative is having a personality.

As vague as it may sound in those terms, the world describes these individuals as positive-energy-emitting rays of sunshine. Those lucky enough to have “a personality” are the foundation of good customer experience. Without them, the team as whole will not succeed.

Ana Caracaleanu, director of marketing communications and customer service at Sticker You, describes her perfect candidate.

“When I hire new employees on our Customer Experience team, I look for high energy, positive individuals,” she says. “Personality and fit definitely overshadow hard skills for these type of roles. The environment is very high-paced and I am looking for individuals that can adapt fast and maintain a positive attitude throughout.”

2. Customer experience representatives also have an extensive emotional gradient, meaning an individual described as both empathetic and sympathetic to a customers needs, as well as decisive and driven to help, after a problem has been addressed.

To us, it is all about letting our customers know that we are not just a faceless website; we are real people who care about our customers’ shopping experience. For this reason, need people who are upbeat and calm in any and all situations; when they answer the phone, it must sound as though they are eager to help out the customer with their enquiry, quickly and efficiently,” explains John Swinden, head of customer service at

3. Representatives also have the customer-first mentality, which is more than just the common colloquial phrase “the customer is always right.”

The needs of today’s customer have grown beyond simply necessitating solutions to minor problems.

Co-founder of Greenpal Gene Callabero illustrates, “This type of position requires a personality that mimics a chameleon. It can change with the customer.” An adaptable nature is integral to the foundation of a customer experience representative as it encompasses the entirety of the business cycle.

According to a case study by the Harvard Business Review, a seamless customer journey has the potential to double sales as well as provide an advantage over competitors who are late to grasp the gravity of this role. Customer journey analysis has even replaced A/B testing as the most influential tool for gauging CRO (conversion rate optimization).

Analyzing these results produces a more in-depth breakdown of vital information used to gain new customers and sustain those already in the mix.

In fact, Bruce Temkin, managing partner of the Temkin Group, argues that a positive consumer life cycle experienced by customers can increase the likelihood of future conversion rates 5.2x.

The reaction that follows is major investment in employees as part of a comprehensive Customer Experience Team.

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