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Customer Experience Day 2016

October 05, 2016

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Happy Customer Experience Day! Recently, “Customer Experience” has entered the spotlight for marketers, analysts, and executives of industries around the world.

Customer experience has become so prevalent in board rooms or listed in the “services” tab of consultants’ portfolios that the term has reached peak trend, according to Google trends.


It’s about the Customers.

A worldwide day of recognition of the importance of customers and their stories, with a focus on the new generation of digital natives.

Developed by the CXPA, CX day is the day for customer-focused special events, corporate meetups, and use today as an opportunity for your company to take a breather, refresh and recommit to the customer experience and celebrate the customer love in your company.

The brand exists in the eyes of the customer. Create customer expectations. Branding — how the brand comes to life — creates customer experiences.

CX + Online Reviews

We’re celebrating CX Day here at ReviewTrackers. Over 25,000 local businesses are using our software to measure and optimize their customer experience. We feel as though CX day is a great time to step back and take count of the many customers our platform has helped.

Our database has over 10 million reviews. Using these online reviews and other customer feedback, businesses around the world are tracking customers’ experiences and taking note of where the experience can be improved.

For many businesses, there’s a huge challenge in regard to gathering customer feedback: it’s practically everywhere. People, specifically your customers, have never been more dynamic.

A person can share their opinion of a business in a tweet, and then post it on Facebook or another social website. That same post can then be re-shared by friends, family, and strangers… almost anyone.

Since social media websites are used across many nations, a single post can be seen and re-shared not only in the United States but also in Europe, Asia, and beyond.

One account of a customer experience can be seen by millions of potential customers. We’ve seen this plenty of times… customer feedback can go viral.

It’s always about the customers.

From the customer’s perspective, the success of your brand is determined by the customers’ success, not by your success.

When customers talk about their experiences, their judgment is determined by your business’ performance in relation to quality, time, service, and price. But, it is also heavily influenced by how well the business reacts to their needs.

Marketers have a vested interest in setting customer expectations through brand positioning or promoting the brand to target market segments. However, very few play any part in optimizing customer experiences.

Operations, analysts, strategists, and the C-suite all have a stake in the customer experience. Monitoring and measuring different elements of CX is a job for many different individuals of an organization. As we talk about customer experience today, we should all be reminded that the customer is the most important stakeholder, and every business decision needs to be made with them in mind.

Join us on October 20th at the first Customer Experience meet up in Chicago.


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