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Welcome to Customer Insights, a weekly digest of the most important stories about online reviews, customer feedback, and customer experience. This week: Google releases a study that shows a positive correlation between automotive-related mobile searches and going to a dealership, and customer experience at companies starts with transparency.

Automotive Mobile Searches Affect Dealership Visits 

Google conducted a study that focuses on the micro-moments that affect customer visits to automotive dealerships. Google found a positive correlation between automotive-related searches and going to the dealership. It’s important for OEMs to have customer touch points on mobile across all micro-moments.

Google highlights the five micro-moments as: “Which-car-is-best moments, is-it-right-for-me moments, can-I-afford-it-moments, where-should-I-buy-it moments, and am-I-getting-a-deal moments.”

Online reviews are a source of information customers turn to for dealership information. So during the “where-should-I-buy-it” moment, customers will read online reviews for information about the customer service and experience at specific dealerships.

Transparency in Workplace Will Help Improve Customer Experience 

Companies with a transparent work culture will provide a positive experience, writes Blake Morgan, customer experience expert and Forbes contributor. One of the reasons customers will be happier is because employees are more satisfied with their jobs and happy to come to work.

Honest communication, an open door policy, employee newsletters, and instant messaging technology are all ways companies can create a more transparent workplace.

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