8 Great Tips to Getting the Most Out of Your Viral Positive Reviews

February 22, 2015

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If your business has been diligent and intentional in the area of reputation management, then great reviews are bound to happen. When in that situation, you need to be ready to react quickly and ride the wave of a great review gone viral. Let’s take a look at the most important steps you need to take when one of your positive customer reviews hosted on a third-party website goes viral.

1. Check Your Reputation Often

You won’t know when your review has gone viral unless you are on top of your reputation. News is no longer news when it ages; thus, being on top of every source of new content is essential for smart marketers looking for ways to leverage positive customer voices. Recency is essential if you hope to snowball positive viral buzz beyond its organic reach.

2. Document and Record All the Accolades

As soon as you realize you have gone viral with a great review, make certain you are recording and documenting press mentions, social shares, etc. Create a spreadsheet with relevant links, but don’t necessarily trust websites outside your control to keep the content permanently.

Take screenshots, and if the content is too long to fit on a screen, then explore tools such as ScreenCapture to be able to create a file that reflects the full narrative of your viral news. Keeping accurate records of mentions helps in building brand-based press releases with quotes to other sources, and also to reinforce the strength of your brand when attempting to secure additional funding for expansion. 

3. Have Your PR Team Segue into Something Bigger

Catch the wave of a great viral review and have your PR team segue into additional press releases, inclusions in B2B publications, and other media to further the strength of a message that has gained momentum organically. Don’t forget to include links and quotes to mentions made in publications that have significant reach or credibility for your segment.

Additionally, make it a point to include said accolades in future collateral. Several studies point to the fact that user-generated content improves the effectiveness of brand messaging. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity. 

4. Display Press-Related Features on Location

Select the most memorable mentions, and format to maximize the highlights conveyed by the reviewer and the press. Consider creating a wall of fame for the enjoyment of your current customers, and to reinforce the message of quality. 

5. Learn from Your Viral Positive Review

A positive review gone viral is a great opportunity to mine for insights that can help you replicate superior experiences. Take note of the initial customer impressions as well as the commentary associated with the review. Find ways to tailor what you do based on the basic idea that everyone deserves an experience worth talking about.

8. Have a Party!

Why not grab the opportunity of a good review gone viral to reach out to your most loyal customers, and extend an offer, event, or business opportunity with a dual purpose?

First, your goal should be to increase brand recall and maximize credibility. Second, you can use the opportunity to generate revenue so you can host a variety of activities to celebrate the virality of your reviews. We know of restaurants that have rolled 30 days of happy hour with special deals and marketing outreach segueing on a great online review. We have no doubt that you, too, can come up with awesome ways to invite your best and most loyal customers to help you celebrate by engaging with your business, while receiving a benefit in the form of a special celebratory activity, unique menu item, or targeted promos.


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