3 Must-Have Marketing Tools for Businesses

April 18, 2014

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3 Must-Have Marketing Tools for Businesses

Google Analytics

If you have your own business website or blog, it’s unlikely that you’ve never heard of Google Analytics. Launched in 2005, it’s the world’s most widely used service for viewing detailed stats about your traffic and traffic sources. We’re talking about much more than just hits or number of visitors. As a free analytics product (with a premium version available for a fee), Google Analytics enables you, as a business owner, to gain a better understanding of where your website or blog visitors are coming from, how long they stay on your site, what links they’re clicking, and which products and services they’re buying (for e-commerce sites). In short: the marketing tool allows you to gain insights that will help you find ways to get more visitors and convert those visitors into customers. Google Analytics works for business owners across multiple sizes (SMBs to enterprises) and industries. Features include the ability to track your landing page quality and conversions; view your mobile app and social media analytics; trace your customers’ paths to purchase; and access real-time stats.

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Facebook isn’t just a social network for you to connect with friends and family. It’s also a pretty powerful marketing tool for business owners who want to connect with the right audience. As a social media platform, Facebook for business has features designed to help you engage with both customers and prospects. Not only does it allow you to build buzz and showcase what’s new and exciting with your business; it also lets you manage online reputation and change conversations about your brand for the positive. It’s also underrated as a tool for establishing your authority. For example: sometimes you have customers who aren’t exactly exposed to the depth of your product offerings. Or they aren’t fully aware of your industry expertise. Something as simple as uploading a Facebook photo album of product designs or menu items can kickstart a conversation with your next potential customer – while also reinforcing the best of what you have to offer to existing customers.

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Online review sites / local business pages 

If your business has an actual physical location, you’re probably already listed on major review sites and local listings like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google+ (Google+ Local / Google Maps), and Foursquare. Literally millions of people visit one or more of these sites in order to find information about local businesses, as well as to discover place to eat, stay, visit, and buy from. Millions more write and share reviews – which, depending on the sentiment of what has been written, can make or break your business. Being listed on these review sites can give you a huge competitive advantage: the key is to implement a review management strategy and build a solid reputation, with positive reviews and high ratings. After all, negative reviews and low ratings might scare potential customers away. As a business owner, you need a tool to help you track your online reviews and respond to what customers are saying across all major review sites and local business listings. That’s why we built ReviewTrackers: an industry-leading software platform to meet business owners’ needs in online review monitoring and reputation management. Try out ReviewTrackers for free and discover why thousands of clients love our dashboard: you can sign up here for a demo and we’ll get you started right away.


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