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review management

  By now, as a business owner, you have connected the dots and become highly aware of how reviews on popular review sites such as Yelp, Google, Foursquare, and OpenTable influence your brand image. The correlation between more and better reviews and their ability to gain more visibility and customers is more than self-evident. With business owners becoming more and more engaged with their reviews and reviewers becoming more engaged with brands, we have also noticed an increased concern regarding the impact of negative reviews, and the processes to overcome the damage caused by one or several negative reviews. If… Read more »

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managing online reviews

  According to a report by eMarketer, as much as 88 percent of consumers now read online reviews in order to determine whether a local business is good or not. For some business owners, that’s a scary thought – what if the bad reviews drive away potential customers? – but for those who are smart and savvy when it comes to managing their business reputation online, reviews represent a unique opportunity to enhance their visibility and generate new business. It can be a little bit intimidating at first, though. You may have a lot of questions that need answering, especially… Read more »

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online review monitoring

  One of the complexities of having a successful dental practice is the proper allocation of resources between the clinical and business portions of your business. Dental offices receive endless pitches from all manner of marketing agencies offering online and offline miracles associated with lead generation for high-quality patients. Of course, you cannot embrace every pitch, and not every marketing method may be a good fit for your practice. Properly prioritizing your business resources and your decision-making processes is key to business growth. Over 90 percent of potential new patients will conduct a search for medical services online. Their search… Read more »

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track restaurant reviews

    In case you didn’t know, Urbanspoon has a new CEO. Her name is Keela Robinson, and with a new leader at the helm, the Seattle-headquartered food and restaurant review site is expected to roll out several exciting new features for its users, both diners and restaurateurs alike. Founded 8 years ago, with approximately 30 million monthly diners served, Urbanspoon has continued to grow and evolve, and is now about to sharpen its focus on the “in-restaurant” experience. This week, the site announced its new integration with Chefs Feed, the ultimate resource for chefs’ reviews and opinions on where… Read more »

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online reputation management

Reputation management for a healthcare organization of any size demands the greatest level of engagement and the ability to quickly resolve patient grievances with the potential of exploding into a full-blown public-relations crisis. When it comes to having a healthy online reputation, hospitals need to engage in preventative care. Ensuring that your hospital has the highest marks demands a multifaceted approach that takes into account all stakeholders inclusive of referring or partner doctors, insurance providers, patients, and their families. Akin to hotels, hospital administrators and healthcare marketers will get their best bang for the buck by addressing customer experience first…. Read more »

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generate positive reviews

  Even while on vacation, Americans still work hard. That’s according to travel reviews site TripAdvisor, which recently published survey results indicating that Americans, even if paid to take the time off and go on a break, still find it difficult to unplug themselves from work responsibilities. According to the survey, which takes into account the responses of more than 16,100 employees across 10 countries, as much as 77 percent of US respondents have worked on vacation during the past year. This is significantly higher than the average of 40 percent tallied by the other nine countries included in the… Read more »

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track restaurant reviews

  There is no denial that the most frustrating reviews for restaurateurs and all types of small business owners are those where the reviewer evaluates the venue for circumstances that are completely out of their control. It happens to the best, and it happens with more frequency than one would suspect. The reviews are often on the negative side of the scale, and seem to address the most ludicrous and irrelevant aspects of business. It is reviews of this nature that have the power of pushing business owners to their wit’s end. The complaints, and on occasion the compliments, add no… Read more »

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manage online reviews

  Is your business listed on TripAdvisor? If it is, there’s a new update to the travel reviews aggregator’s mobile app that we think you ought to know about: the ability for users to download and collect TripAdvisor reviews, photos, and city maps before they go on their trip. Basically, this means that your potential and existing customers will be able to access data from TripAdvisor even while offline. According to the company, the new offline functionality includes more than 300 city maps worldwide, with more to follow in the coming weeks and months. “The new offline feature for TripAdvisor’s… Read more »

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business reputation

  A social deal is defined as a promotion that is extended to your customer via an external website or mobile app requiring additional customer engagement at various levels. Some examples of social deal websites and tools include Groupon, LivingSocial, Foursquare, Amazon Local, Travelzoo, and loyalty-marketing apps like Front Flip, Shopkick, Belly, and Pirq. As a business owner or manager, chances are you receive a good number of pitches from sales executives with the products mentioned above and smaller local sites. Your primary reason for engagement, and one that the sales executive is likely to emphasize, is increased revenue through… Read more »

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track yelp reviews

  Are you a lawyer or a legal professional working at a law firm? Here’s an interesting finding from a study by Software Advice: Yelp is the most popular and most trusted website for lawyer reviews and attorney reviews. This means that your existing and potential clients are sharing, reading, and searching for information on Yelp – and making their decisions based on what they find. In fact, 58 percent of the surveyed individuals say that they would turn first to Jeremy Stoppelman’s baby to find or research a lawyer; meanwhile 68 percent say that Yelp is the lawyer review… Read more »