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manage patient reviews

  As healthcare administrators become more aware of the importance of strategic online reputation management as a means of patient acquisition, as well as branding strategies, they are becoming eager to identify ways to quickly correct negative trends affecting multi-million dollar healthcare facilities under their care. Across the board, hospitals, even those of highly reputable names such as Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles and Presbyterian in Dallas, are lagging behind in comparison to the individual scores received by their partner physicians. Access to grants, ability to funnel public funds, and other outreach efforts to grow in size and revenue are… Read more »

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online reputation management

  Today we are focusing on you, the small business owner with a limited marketing budget, serving specific geographical boundaries. After comparing the impact of popular review and referral websites, we feel that you will get the most bang for your buck by maximizing your engagement on Google My Business / Google+ Local (formerly known as Google Places) and Yelp. In the past, we have provided ample information on ways to maximize your Yelp engagement in order to get more business. Now we want to tackle Google+ Local in order to direct you on a clear path of action aimed… Read more »

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delete negative reviews

  As you probably have heard, Joan Rivers went into cardiac arrest during a routine throat procedure at a New York clinic called Yorkville Endoscopy. The NYPD investigation is still ongoing, but fans of the late actress/ comedian/ writer/ TV host are so upset about her death that they have taken to posting negative reviews of the clinic on Yelp – for the simple reason that she happened to stop breathing there. “Rest in Peace Miss Rivers, I surely won’t see myself here anytime soon…I mean ever,” wrote Yelper Nathan S. of Massachussetts in a one-star review that has since… Read more »

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generate positive reviews

  As you begin to embrace reputation management as an essential element of a smart online and offline marketing strategy, you may find a few surprises. Having a comprehensive view of the most popular review websites as a result of implementing a review monitoring tool may point to weaknesses on some sites and strengths on others. Significant discrepancies in average overall scores across review websites can be attributed to many reasons. But regardless of the root cause, it is important that businesses tackle discrepancies to maximize lead generation and improve overall brand image. The goal, of course, is to bring… Read more »

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tripadvisor facebook reviews

  TripAdvisor is one of the leading review sites for hotels, restaurants and attractions. With over 150 million reviews on the site and credibility comparable with websites such as Expedia, it absolutely makes sense to maximize all the features available to business via the TripAdvisor for Business page. TripAdvisor offers a variety of free widgets to allow you to easily integrate the TripAdvisor experience as part of your website or social media marketing strategy. While many businesses take advantage of the “featured on TripAdvisor” or “Certificate of Excellence” buttons, very few are maximizing the tools available to reach current and… Read more »

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generate new reviews

  The annual Inbound 2014 conference is coming this September 15 to 18 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. Presented by inbound marketing software company HubSpot, the event (#Inbound14) is set to gather over 7,500 marketing and sales professionals in a conference that will feature the latest marketing industry trends, technologies, and strategies. (HubSpot is one of the 9 coolest, most inspiring marketing experts to follow on Instagram. Check out who else made the list.) Review Trackers will be joining Inbound 2014 as a sponsor, so if you already have your badge, make a note so you remember to… Read more »

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foursquare review monitoring

  When it comes to prioritizing online engagement, many businesses feel as if they are being pulled in multiple directions without any sense of strategic guidance. Even when a business organization has implemented proper online review monitoring tools and has moved to the next level of reputation management, there are still questions left in the open when it comes to knowing which review site will give you the best bang for your buck. Strategic prioritization is particularly important in large urban markets where the competition for wallet share is fierce and essential for the restaurant segment, and where the battle… Read more »

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manage tripadvisor reviews

  If you have been in business for any length of time, then you have probably encountered situations where the descriptive content of a customer’s review contradicts the numerical score or star rating. Generally speaking, if the content is negative and the star rating is high, the review is best left alone since it does not impact your overall average. The problem arises when the narrative of your review is positive but the star rating is low. If you don’t have a high number of reviews, such a review could tremendously impact your lead generation and buyer perception. Today we… Read more »

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review trackers

  It’s reasonable to assume that people and organizations that run successful digital marketing, social media, and reputation management campaigns are terrific sources of information and advice on how you can enhance your own business’ online image. A lot of these experts are on the most popular social networks, too – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – writing insightful updates, posting interesting links, and sharing inspiring photos. To get all these, all you have to do is press the Follow button. We thought of sharing with you this list of cool, inspiring business and marketing experts to follow on Instagram, the… Read more »

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monitor dentist reviews

  The costs associated with having a private dental practice can be overwhelming. The sheer proportion of this financial responsibility increases the awareness among dental practitioners of the importance of upping revenue and growing the number of new and repeat dental patients. Thankfully, there are practical and effective implementations that can, in no time, increase the overall profitability of your practice. These procedural changes have boosting effects on your practice’s online and offline business reputation, and they frequently translate into increased quality leads originating from patient review websites. Regardless of the size of your practice or the tenure of the… Read more »