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reputation management

If you manage or own a beauty salon or spa, you are probably aware of how labor-intensive it is to build and secure a reputation. The fact is, 90 percent of your leads will be directly correlated to the opinions of prior customers, voiced either online or offline. Building a strong business reputation can make you stand out from the competition, facilitate the growth of your client base, and ensure repeat business. The beauty and wellness industry is highly penetrated, and entrants, as well as well-established shops, have to work hard at customer acquisition and retention. Costly promotions, daily deals,… Read more »

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yelp video reviews

  Less than a couple of months ago, we caught wind that Yelp was set to introduce a new feature: specifically, the ability to add video reviews of a business. This week, the popular online review site officially launched the feature, making it possible for Yelpers to contribute review content, in the form of short videos, using their mobile devices. According to Yelp mobile product manager Mabhu Prabaker, videos allow Yelpers to “show off aspects like ambiance, lighting, noise level, and other features of local businesses not easily captured by photographs. These short videos are great for conveying the atmosphere… Read more »

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business reputation

  Earlier this month, TripAdvisor launched a new dynamic feature aimed at providing quick and direct back-and-forth communication between community members and property or business representatives. The feature is called Questions and Answers. The principal objective of Questions and Answers is to provide future travelers with a trip-planning tool that leaves no space for surprises. While it is important to start thinking about it as yet another element of your online reputation management strategy, the rollout of this feature is currently available only to selected businesses (hotels and accommodation properties) in the US. If your business happens to be in… Read more »

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generate positive reviews

  Unlike restaurants, hotels, and other recreational venues, senior housing administrators and marketers are faced with endless challenges when it comes to generating positive online reviews. There are many root causes for this problem, from the lack of computer literacy on the part of the population they serve to the discomfort relatives might have about speaking positively about a service that is directly associated with a vulnerable stage in life. But these same relatives most likely resorted to Internet searches and online reviews when deciding on the most suitable facility for their family member. Which is why generating online reviews… Read more »

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track tripadvisor reviews

  It’s a fact proven by dozens of studies: more than ever, travelers like to research about places before they finalize their plans. (Check out: “Results of 2014 TripBarometer Survey”) They make price comparisons, they check online reviews, they look for information on social media sites, and they post queries through tweets, comments, E-mails, and calls. It is in recognition of this industry trend that travel reviews site TripAdvisor recently launched its new Questions and Answers feature, a way for travelers to ask questions about a hotel or accommodation property and get quick answers from that business’ representatives or from… Read more »

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online reputation management

  According to Intuit, the mobile food-vending trend is not a fad. Food trucks are here to stay, with an expected growth in revenue from $650 million in 2012 to approximately $2.7 billion by 2017. While the current revenues of food trucks represent only a little more than 1% of the total restaurant industry, it is important to understand and embrace certain principles and practices to ensure the success of these low cost-of-entry enterprises. If you are a food truck operator, your marketing needs are peculiar and must be tailored to accommodate the absence of a true geographical location, among… Read more »

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delete negative review

  Apparently, in France, you can’t complain of rude service, cold wine, and dry pizza. In a case that could well serve as a demonstration of Europe’s higher tolerance of censorship, a popular food blogger named Caroline Doudet was ordered by a French court to change her negative restaurant review of Italian café Il Giardino. She was also ordered to pay $3,380 in damages and legal fees. Doudet is behind the popular Cultur’elle blog, which has a visitor count of about 3,000. Her negative review, which she has decided to delete, described Il Giardino as a “place to avoid in… Read more »

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review management

  It’s hard to believe that Yelp has turned 10 years old. With a little over 2,000 employees and over 57 million business reviews, Yelp has become the go-to website for individuals searching for referrals, endorsements, and unsolicited reviews for services at a local level. For brick and mortar businesses of small to medium size, Yelp exerts tremendous influence on the way consumers decide to funnel their dollars for services such as restaurants, contractors, health facilities, medical care, mechanics, hair salons, spas, auto dealerships, and many more categories. As Yelp grows, it will continue to be a key player as… Read more »

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track google reviews

  In 2012, a study conducted by Fleishman-Hillard in conjunction with Harris Communications indicated that as many as 89 percent of shoppers turned to search engines to identify businesses, products, and services. Since then, the percentage has remained in an upward trend, with reports that as high as 95 percent of shopping research is taking place digitally. As of 2013, ComScore identified Google as the most popular search engine, with 67 percent of market share. This number also remains in an upward trend. For brick and mortar businesses, achieving local visibility in Google Search takes priority over all other means… Read more »