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delete negative review

  Apparently, in France, you can’t complain of rude service, cold wine, and dry pizza. In a case that could well serve as a demonstration of Europe’s higher tolerance of censorship, a popular food blogger named Caroline Doudet was ordered by a French court to change her negative restaurant review of Italian café Il Giardino. She was also ordered to pay $3,380 in damages and legal fees. Doudet is behind the popular Cultur’elle blog, which has a visitor count of about 3,000. Her negative review, which she has decided to delete, described Il Giardino as a “place to avoid in… Read more »

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review management

  It’s hard to believe that Yelp has turned 10 years old. With a little over 2,000 employees and over 57 million business reviews, Yelp has become the go-to website for individuals searching for referrals, endorsements, and unsolicited reviews for services at a local level. For brick and mortar businesses of small to medium size, Yelp exerts tremendous influence on the way consumers decide to funnel their dollars for services such as restaurants, contractors, health facilities, medical care, mechanics, hair salons, spas, auto dealerships, and many more categories. As Yelp grows, it will continue to be a key player as… Read more »

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track google reviews

  In 2012, a study conducted by Fleishman-Hillard in conjunction with Harris Communications indicated that as many as 89 percent of shoppers turned to search engines to identify businesses, products, and services. Since then, the percentage has remained in an upward trend, with reports that as high as 95 percent of shopping research is taking place digitally. As of 2013, ComScore identified Google as the most popular search engine, with 67 percent of market share. This number also remains in an upward trend. For brick and mortar businesses, achieving local visibility in Google Search takes priority over all other means… Read more »

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responding to positive reviews

The majority of articles, whitepapers, and research associated with responding to online reviews posted on popular review websites mainly address best practices associated with responding to negative reviews. When marketing researchers have approached business owners to try to understand their needs, as it relates to reputation management, positive reviews are always overshadowed by the when and how of tackling negative reviews. The benefit and potential of responding to positive reviews is often overlooked and frequently under-optimized. Responding to positive online reviews on websites such as Yelp,, Facebook, Google, TripAdvisor, Foursquare, and OpenTable can unleash tremendous benefits. Let’s explore a… Read more »

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responding to negative reviews

  A survey conducted in 2010 by American Express brought to light that more than 40 percent of consumers make use of online reviews as a way to assess the quality of customer service provided by a potential provider of products and services. Since then, the percentage of consumers consulting review websites to help them form an opinion about a business has experienced incredibly fast-paced growth. In tandem with the growth of popularity of sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, OpenTable, Foursquare,, and others, we have also seen a great deal of advancement in the way businesses track and respond to… Read more »

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snapchat geofilters

  Photo messaging app Snapchat has introduced a new range of filters, enabling users to add labels or their own art and drawings based on their location. The new feature – called Geofilters – is already available for special locations in Los Angeles and New York. To get started with it, users must first enable location services (don’t worry – Snapchat still won’t store your location information), then swipe right on the preview screen after snapping a photo in certain destinations in LA or NY. If you’re taking selfies at Disneyland, for example, then you’ll be able to check out… Read more »

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track yelp reviews

  Online reviews site and ratings aggregator Yelp has made changes to liberate its API, upping the limit for pulling reviews, ratings, photos, and local business information from 100 calls a day to 25,000 calls a day. It has also revamped its developer site, which the company says is now much easier to use due to a new user interface, clear step-by-step documentation, an FAQ section, and even code samples. What this means, basically, is that developers can now take advantage of Yelp’s impressive database and rich content and scrape its online reviews without the need for pre-approval. It could… Read more »

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reputation management

For a significant number of hotels, high season can be both a blessing and a curse. As occupancy increases, so do challenges associated with customer satisfaction. There are several factors driving decreased satisfaction during high season, and all can be alleviated by implementing customer-centric strategies aimed at prioritizing the hotel’s online and offline reputation. A high season poorly managed can decrease your online ranking, popularity score, and stars to the point of impacting lead generation during low season, where you need every possible lead to have the highest number of heads in beds. Implementing a proactive review management strategy can… Read more »

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monitor yelp reviews 2

  Sometime last year, a Nielsen study commissioned by Yelp revealed that 82 percent of users visited the popular online review site when preparing to spend money on a product or service. The study also asserted that Yelp is the first site people with spending power go to, well before they visit other review sites, local directories, and ratings aggregators. Recently, Yelp once again commissioned Nielsen to conduct and publish another study: this time, it is about how Yelp compares to other review sites, at least as far as how it’s perceived by today consumers. The survey took into account… Read more »

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manage restaurant reviews

  Today’s restaurant diners can easily become food critics. They’ll talk about it online – on sites like Yelp, Google, and TripAdvisor – if they have a poor experience at the place where they ate. If you’re a restaurateur, it’s therefore critical that you play a more active role in managing restaurant reviews of your business and minimizing the impact that negative customer opinion might have. One way of doing this is by encouraging happy customers to leave positive reviews and kind words – through features like Review Trackers’ free Review Request service. Sometimes, though, it’s not easy to get… Read more »