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Reviews aggregator Yelp is not just a platform for consumers to post online reviews of their favorite (or most hated) local businesses. It’s also a useful marketing and sales tool for business owners looking to reach out to their existing and potential customers.

With over 84 million unique monthly visitors, a rapidly expanding community of Yelpers, and a built-in forum for online consumer interactions, Yelp presents a unique opportunity for business owners with advertising dollars to spend.

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The site already offers review management tools and ad opportunities to local business owners, national and regional businesses, and national brands and ad agencies. Recently, the company updated its iPhone, iPad, and Android applications to display Yelp Ads, giving advertisers higher visibility to the eyes of Yelp’s growing mobile user base.

“Yelp Ads on mobile can be a powerful tool to attract more customers to your business,” shared Yelp Local Business Outreach Manager Darnell Holloway in a company blog post. “In Q3 of this year, our mobile app users were responsible for 45% of all searches on Yelp, 11 million calls to local businesses, and generated 19 million sets of directions to local businesses. (The) new mobile search ads will be included as part of our existing advertising packages and will be displayed to consumers on Yelp app search and business pages.”

Just last August, Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman revealed details on the popular review aggregator’s mobile monetization strategy. He said that whether Yelpers typed in or downloaded the app, they were going to be more engaged than users who simply clicked through a listing via search.

Check out a preview of how the Yelp Ads will look like on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

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