8 SMS Templates for Requesting Online Reviews

May 01, 2019

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According to a study by Dimensional Research, 90 percent of the customers say that online reviews influence their buying decisions.

To get ahead of the competition, your business needs to have a substantial number of positive reviews. How do you get them?

Ask for them! It’s as simple as that. However, the task of composing a message that will get a high response rate from customers can be intimidating but have no fear. We prepared a list of 8 text or SMS templates that you can readily use in any business situation.

Text and SMS Templates for Any Business

Template 1: Thank You for Being a Customer

This basic template is perfect for starting because it doesn’t require your customer to give up plenty of personal data or make a big effort, which reduces overall friction and leads to more online reviews.

“Hey {first name}, thank you for shopping with us today! To help us best serve you and others, could you click on this {link} to answer one question about your experience today? Thanks {Insert Company Name}”

Template 2: Leave Us a Review

This template will help you increase your reviews on a specific online review website where you might have poor reviews.

“Hi {first name}, thank you for doing business with us. Can you take 1 minute to leave a review on {website} about your experience with us? Just go here: {link}. Thanks for your help!”

Template 3: How Did We Do?

If you are looking to improve your service then use this template to gather your customers’ opinions.

“Hey, {first name}, could you help us learn about how we did? Please click this {link} to give us feedback. We truly appreciate it!”

Template 4: Your Opinion Matters

Establish a stronger relationship with customers by allowing them to feel like they have a voice.

“Hey {first name}, your opinion matters to us. Could you take 1 minute to leave us feedback on your visit? This {link} will take you to a quick survey with 3 questions. We appreciate your help!”

Template 5: Review a Location Visit

Thank your customers for visiting your place of business while also asking for their feedback.

“Hello {first name}, Thank you for your recent visit to our store. We want to provide you with the best experience possible! To help us, please take a moment to leave your feedback. Click {here} to review. Thank you.”

Template 6: Review a Product

Reviews are vital for any business that sells its products in online marketplaces. With enough positive reviews, any product can see a boost in sales. Use this template to attract more product reviews:

“Dear {first name}, we are thrilled you chose to purchase the [specific product name] from us. We are working hard to build a higher quality product for our customers. We would love to learn more about your opinion. Please go {here} to give us your feedback. Thank you.”

Template 7: Rate Us on Google

If you want to get Google reviews and an SEO boost, use this SMS template:

“Hi {first name}, it was great seeing you today. Would you take one minute to leave a Google review about your experience? Here is the {link}. Thanks for your help!”

Because your customer is almost certainly already logged into their Google account, it will be almost frictionless for them to leave a review.

Template 8: Asking for a Facebook Review

Companies with a Facebook Business Page can use this SMS template to increase the number of their reviews.

“Hi {first name}, thank you for choosing our [product or service]. It’s our priority to continue providing top-notch service to customers like you. Please leave us a review on our Facebook page {link}. It will only take a minute, but it will make a huge difference to our company. Thank you!”

Effective Customer Feedback Through Text and SMS Surveys

Online reviews have created a new form of marketing and communication that bridges the gap between a simple word-of-mouth strategy and a viral form of feedback. The importance of online reviews for businesses is truly mind-blowing: they increase brand awareness and studies show they lead to an overall increase in profit in the long run. Use the above SMS templates and watch your reviews skyrocket together with your sales, brand awareness, and customer loyalty.

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