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When Choosing Pediatricians, Parents Check Online Doctor Reviews to Guide Their Decisions

Most medical practices nowadays are more than just the medical practitioner. Having a medical office requires a personnel infrastructure from office staff to nurses, registration staff to billing team.

By having many points of contact with the patient, the risk for friction or patient dissatisfaction at any point in the transaction is amplified. Without a doubt, the goal of any business organization is to provide superior service to all customers at all times. This mantra is likely to be part of the core values of most clinics regardless of size. Mistakes, however, will happen and patients will not have a seamless experience 100 percent of the time.

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Medical doctors can’t be everywhere at all times and tackle all tasks associated with the care of their patients. However, when a member of their team fails to meet patient expectations, the patient makes a natural connection in the way they are likely to convey the experience on medical review sites. They will associate the behavior of your team member to your professional profile.

Yes, that is correct. If your support staff drops the ball, patients will go online and review you, the medical doctor, with a less-than-excellent score or rating. This may, on the surface, appear unfair but given the patient has no other option as to where to house their review, they will tie their opinion to your personal listing.

This is a frequent problem and one that impacts the online business reputation of many medical practitioners. If you are currently experiencing a similar issue, then we have good news for you. With a little tweaking, you should be able to create online profiles that facilitate accuracy when it comes to reviews related to the performance of support staff at your practice.

Apply branding best practices

One of the best things you can do for the expandability and management of your private medical practice is to use a name distinctly different from your personal name. By branding your practice, you set the stage for patients to speak about a brand instead of a person. Your scores will reflect the overall performance of your team instead of being a reflection of your professional performance as an individual practitioner. For example, instead of Dr. John Smith & Associates, you could be Sacramento Family Practice.

In addition to protecting your individual professional business reputation, separating your name from the name brand of your practice will also provide you with other advantages. For example:

  • Growing your practice and adding new medical practitioners will be easier. New doctors joining your practice won’t have to start from zero and will derive benefits from the online business reputation you have already built.
  • Your medical practice, along with its digital footprint, will be easier to sell or transfer at a higher premium if there is no personal-name association.
  • Your patients will be able to provide a fair assessment of your staff without tarnishing your own profile.
  • You will be able to market more effectively, especially if your practice name includes a geographical reference.

Ideally, separating your practice from your personal name should be something that takes place in the early stages of your practice. If you have been in business for a while, you may want to consider this change as part of a revamp on your marketing. Your personal medical profiles will still exist but your patients will have other more accurate avenues to evaluate and opine on the performance of your support staff. 

Manage your online business reputation

Managing your online reputation is a high priority regardless of the maturity of your practice. Well-managed online reputation can help you expand your reach, secure new high-quality patient leads, and increase your online visibility. If you have not yet implemented a review monitoring and social media engagement strategy, give us the opportunity to introduce you to this game-changer. You will be pleasantly surprised to discover superior ROI and ease in implementation.

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