8 Social Media Marketing Training Courses to Learn New Skills

May 15, 2018

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Social media is constantly changing.

To keep with today’s social media marketing, there’s a number of training courses out there for you to fine tune your skills or learn as a beginner. We’ve narrowed it down to eight courses, which range from HubSpot’s course in inbound marketing to  Hootsuite’s course on social media marketing training.

Social Media Marketing Training

HubSpot Academy’s Inbound Marketing Certification

Go through HubSpot’s free inbound marketing certification course. The course will focus on the entire inbound process, including social media promotion.

ReviewTrackers Academy

Social media marketing is part of building customer loyalty. Learn why you should build customer loyalty and how to create a voice-of-the customer strategy with review management in this free course.

Hootsuite Academy

The Hootsuite Academy has a free social marketing training. The different chapters of the academy include optimization of social media profiles, social media strategy, content marketing, and social advertising.

Introduction to Social Media Strategy  

Buffer’s class on social media strategy focuses on how and why a business should be on social media and how to create and curate content. The class also goes into setting goals and provides beginner’s steps to paid social.

Social Media Marketing: How to Profit in a Digital World

This is a social media marketing specialization from Northwestern University. It’s designed for those who want to learn how to create an effective social marketing strategy to grow their business.

It consists of six courses with projects to help you apply what you learned to a real-world situation. One course is all about what you can learn from listening to customer conversations on social sites.

Social Media Monitoring

This free course goes over key social media monitoring skills such as finding influencers, building lists, researching keyword phrases, and keyword phrase filtering.

The course will guide you through the steps it takes to learn where your customers are talking about you online, which is the first step to building a strong social media strategy.

Specialized Social Media Marketing Training 


If you work for an organization that provides a service or product to the healthcare industry, then you should take the HIPAA training for individuals to add to your social media skill set.

While the course covers everything you need to know about HIPAA, it focuses on privacy and security. If you’re talking with patients online in an open forum like Facebook or Google, then patient privacy is something for which you’ll always need to be aware.

For example, when responding to online reviews, you’ll want to have basic responses that follow HIPAA guidelines. Just because a patient reveals their medical information in an online review, that does not mean you can publicly acknowledge their medical information.

Price: $29.99 for an individual.

Social Media Ethics

You can do anything on social media, right? Not exactly. Social media ethics include the exercise of good judgment and an understanding of the requirements by law of using social media.

The topics of the course include:

  • How the National Labor Relations Act applies to social media at work.
  • Rules about work related use on personal accounts as opposed to branded social media accounts.
  • How to avoid causing defamation, discrimination, and harassment
  • Risks with confidentiality and confidential sources

Social media marketing training is essential for today’s marketer. Anything a customer says online in a public forum is a form of social media. This includes analyzing and management of online reviews. Make sure you are incorporate all forms of social media management into your marketing strategy.

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