3 Ways to Improve Your Rating on Glassdoor

February 23, 2018

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Companies are struggling to fill jobs in a tight labor market, according to the Wall Street Journal.

That means employers have to work harder to attract candidates to apply for jobs. Improving your rating on Glassdoor, an employer review platform, is one effective strategy to attract top talent. Individuals searching for a job are more interested in submitting their resumes to companies with positive reviews, according to a study from Glassdoor

Here are some tips on how to improve your rating on Glassdoor.

Respond to Reviews

Respond to reviews on Glassdoor to improve your star rating.

Here are some tips:

Respond Within A Reasonable Amount of Time.

One person or team should be dedicated to responding to reviews so that reviews get responded to in a reasonable amount of time. The person responding can be anyone – someone on HR, marketing, PR, or even the CEO.

Show Appreciation for the Review.

Thank the reviewer for sharing their feedback about the work environment or interview experience. After all, leaving a review takes time and thought, regardless of whether it is positive or negative. 

Highlight the Positive.

When you respond to the review, call out the positive thing the reviewer referenced. Maybe the employee likes that you offer a gym on-site, or that your benefits package is top-notch. Definitely call that out.  

The Home Depot does a great job of responding to employee reviews. They respond within a day, and they make sure to thank the review-writing employee while also highlighting the positives within the review. 

Analyze Employee Feedback in Reviews

Analyze the feedback found within Glassdoor reviews. Then use the insights to improve your organization and employee culture.

For example, let’s take a look at international hotel group Hyatt.

Hyatt has a mostly positive employer brand reputation with an overall 3.9 star rating, yet there is an opportunity for the company to do more to get their rating up to 4 stars or even higher.  

For example, there is a consistent amount of reviews that talk negatively about the management at Hyatt. The leadership team at Hyatt can take this feedback into consideration and work to improve their management structure.

One reviewer gives actionable advice to management, asking them to reward employees based on performance and not just how long employees have been with the company. By analyzing online reviews, the company can gain insights essential to improving the employee experience and change the way they promote employees.

Build an Employee-First Culture

You can’t have a customer-first culture if you don’t have an employee-first culture.

When you build an employee-first culture, your employer brand will be more positive because employees will be happier. If your company works to make employees and candidates happy – maybe by giving reasonable or even flexible hours and great benefits, or introducing efficiencies to the interview process – then employees and candidates will talk and write favorably about your company.

According to Glassdoor, it’s a good idea to focus on recruitment, onboarding, the employee journey, and leadership.

For example, focusing on leadership is also a good way to create an engaged, employee-first culture. You can create constant feedback loops that provide feedback about managers. The article references an HR buzz phrase: “people leave bosses, not jobs.”

Of course, improving your rating on Glassdoor is about more than improving your rating. It’s about creating an environment where employees feel engaged. It’s about making candidates feel comfortable during the recruitment process. It’s about giving employees benefits that celebrate work-life balance. And it’s about creating a company for which people want to work.

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