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Early this week, online review site Yelp introduced a new interface designed to emphasize the various forms of local content its community of users has generated.

The new design enhances the visual appeal of a Yelp business page – with key elements resized or repositioned to make all the displayed information look less busy and more beautiful.

For business owners, this means that your photos and review highlights will be more prominent than ever.

Bigger, more beautiful photos

Wrote Brad Menezes, Product Manager at Yelp: “Since photos are used to determine an incredible amount about a business, the new design puts them front and center. Instead of a small thumbnail, we’re featuring up to six big, beautiful photos of the business. Now a quick glance at a restaurant’s page can give you a feel for the dining experience, food quality and ambiance, all within mere seconds.”

Check out what Menezes means with a screenshot of the new page design below:


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Photos can also be added in-line to match user reviews: a feature first introduced by the review site sometime last year. Which makes total sense: given that people searching Yelp for local businesses spend 2.5 more times more time on a Yelp page with photos than on a page without.

Bird’s-eye-view of user reviews and review highlights

Just below the photos are the review highlights, which exist to call out important information about your business, such as what the best menu items are, what the price range is like, etc.

Meanwhile, to make everything more readable, Yelp made tweaks like adjusting column width and font size, while also removing the ratings distribution and trend charts. Users will also be able to interact more easily with your page, with actions like “Write a Review,” “Add Photo,” “Share,” and “Bookmark” moved to a more prominent place on the upper right part.

“Whether it’s finding a restaurant for a special occasion, a doctor for an important health question or a reliable place to rent a car for a weekend trip,” Menezes said, “we’re always looking for ways to make it even easier to connect people with great local businesses.”

For more review management tips on how to attract new customers using your Yelp page, check out: “YELP HELP: The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing Your Yelp Business Listing”.

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