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New look, new features.

Online review site Yelp recently updated its homepage on the Web, delivering features that are popular on its mobile platform and bringing these to the front and center of

The new design includes a Recent Activity section, a stream that has replaced the old Local Reviews section, and which integrates mobile contributions like photos, tips, check-ins, and comments from Yelpers and their friends. Review tags – “Useful,” “Funny,” and “Cool” – are now also available.

“Our team spent a lot of time talking to a bunch of hardcore Yelpers and researching how people used the old homepage. We think you’ll like the new one even more once you’ve had a chance to toy with it,” wrote Yelp’s Mark Allen in a company blog post. “And since this is Yelp, you’ll of course be able to send compliments and give other feedback on your friends’ activity right there.”

Yelp’s Web update is being rolled out over the next few weeks. Let us know what you think of the online review site’s new look! You can check out the screenshot below.

Migs Bassig

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