New Yelp Competitor? Foxtrot Lets You Share Your Opinion on What’s Best in Your City

November 07, 2012

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Yesterday we wrote about a new research study that revealed how reviews and recommendations from friends and family are (still) the most trusted by consumers today.

A new startup and food-finding mobile app, Foxtrot, is quickly taking advantage of that.

Built in Seattle last August by Suraj Samaranayake, Foxtrot is a restaurant and local business recommendation app looking to compete with the likes of Yelp, Google+ Local (with Zagat), Foursquare, and Urbanspoon. Unlike these online review aggregators, however, the company aims to go against the grain by putting less emphasis on the reviews and recommendations and more on the people who are making them.

Foxtrot recently launched its iPhone app, and is currently working on a version for Android devices. In an interview with Geekwire, Samaranayake opined that review aggregators built around star ratings and overall scores are “fundamentally flawed.” That’s why Foxtrot is designed to give reviews and recommendations based on the people that the user knows and trusts.

“Everyone has different tastes and likes different ambiances when they go out to eat and drink. Most apps out there try to combat against that and filter out the extremes as noise,” he said. “Foxtrot does the opposite; it embraces people’s differences. We don’t average out people’s opinons or anything like that. We give recommendations by matching you to someone who is most similar to you, either by your social graph or by your tastes.”

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How does the app work? Well, the recommendations are built around lists that each user can create and share to the people they know. For example: Suraj can create a “Suraj’s Best Spanish Restaurant in San Francisco” list, with information (address and distance-based location) on the local businesses (Spanish restaurants) that he thinks of most highly.

Check out the screenshot below:

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