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How to Improve Your TripAdvisor Ranking

If you’re a hotel or hospitality exec – or a local business owner catering to travelers of any kind – you probably already know by now how big of a role travel site TripAdvisor plays on your customers’ purchase decisions.

In fact, according to the TripBarometer 2013 study, 76 percent of travelers rely on online review sites and ratings aggregators to finalize their plans and decisions. Also: 93 percent of travelers worldwide say that their booking decisions are influenced by online reviews.

And not only are people reading about others’ hotel and travel experiences; they’re also sharing their own opinions. According to the same study, as much as 51 percent of people worldwide have written an online review of a hotel or accommodation after their trip.

With all these numbers in mind, how do you manage and monitor online reputation on TripAdvisor? How do you improve your business performance so that you don’t get buried in the rankings and lose customers?

Check out the infographic below for best practices on improving your TripAdvisor Ranking:

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Migs Bassig

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  1. NicMoon

    It seems that reviews are getting more and more important in the hospitality business. Taking this into account, is there a chance that online presence will become more important than word-of-mouth recommendation?