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66 percent of consumers find online reviews influential or highly influential when considering a dealership.


72 percent of consumers find online reviews influential or highly influential when considering an auto repair company


Use online reviews to engage with shoppers before, during, and after the buying experience.

Two-thirds of consumers say online reviews are influential or highly influential when choosing an automotive business.

Here’s why: Cars are a major expense. Cars are also a source of worry because of cost of ownership. Consumers will research an automotive business’ online reputation before bring before purchasing products or services.

That means you need to keep an eye on what people are saying about you online and quickly respond to negative criticism.

Automotive service company Ziebart increased its online reputation score by 22 percent with ReviewTrackers.

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Get Better Feedback from Your Customers

ReviewTrackers pulls together online reviews from dozens of automotive sites, aggregates them, and provides actionable data that allows you to:

  • Monitor location performance.
  • Identify trends in customer experience.
  • Respond to complaints.

ReviewTrackers’ Trending Topics tool highlights positive and negative trends within online reviews. This allows you to find problems you might otherwise miss.

Respond to Customers, Fast

After signing up with ReviewTrackers, Ziebart has been able to send out 14,000 emails to customers asking them for feedback. But that’s only part of the story.

Ziebart has also been able to respond quickly to customers’ issues.

We’ll get commended by customers for showing promptness and attentiveness to their needs when there is a negative review. This is definitely a big win and would have been difficult to implement if not for ReviewTrackers."

Laura Walega
Director of marketing, Ziebart International Corporation

Focus on Customer Experience

According to McKinsey & Company, 66 percent of global automotive executives are focused on providing a superior automotive customer experience and individual service over the entire customer lifecycle. .

Customer experience has become a defining characteristic for automotive brands looking to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Let ReviewTrackers help your automotive company measure the customer experience and engage with customers through the customer journey. Take a free guided tour to learn more on how you can optimize the dealership experience with customer feedback.

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