March 23, 2023

How to Use Your Online Reputation for A Dispensary Marketing Strategy

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Having a dispensary marketing strategy is vital for attracting new consumers and turning them into long-term customers who can help spread awareness about your dispensary and its offerings. Statista findings show that legal adult-use cannabis sales are expected to bring in $33.6 billion by 2025. Taking advantage of valuable dispensary marketing strategies, specifically around your own online reputation metrics, can help your dispensary brand retain consumers and garner significant revenue that puts you ahead of local competitors.

How Does Online Reputation Work With A Dispensary Marketing Strategy?

An effective marketing plan doesn’t mean that your team needs to spend significant resources. In fact, with the use of reputation management software you can capitalize on your own metrics to effectively attract and retain more visitors. Customer reviews data shows that 92% of consumers use online reviews to guide their purchase decisions. Using the reviews already left by recent customers is a powerful, cost-effective tool when used in conjunction with reputation management software.

Dispensary Marketing Strategy 1: Showcase Your Reviews

The voice of the customer can be more effective than the traditional marketing copy. This is because consumers see the customer experience as a more authentic and trustworthy version of how your brand treats consumers. To that end, your website needs to prominently showcase highly-rated reviews from customers. Having the words of customers spread throughout your site can be a major differentiator or even the final push people need to choose your dispensary over a local competitor.

Your team can easily implement customer feedback with a tool like Amplify, which allows for display customization in just a few clicks. With it, you can showcase a piece of feedback next to a product or consumable that shows a customer’s satisfaction with that specific offering. You can also choose to have a whole page fully dedicated to showing off the hundreds of rave reviews from each location or even have them prominently featured on the home page.

Dispensary Marketing Strategy 2: Claim Your Local Listings

A key part to achieving online visibility for any dispensary marketing strategy is visibility, specifically when it comes to local listings. Having a digital flag to plant, especially on Google, can make a difference in your customer acquisition efforts as evidenced by research showing that 93% of consumers utilized online searches to find a local business.

Whether your brand has one or a multiple dispensaries, having a local listing management system in place allows for easy listing creation and modification. As you look at a dispensary’s listing, it’s important to have specific information, such as the dispensary’s name, website, phone number, and address updated and correct. Even a small typo or error can be a dealbreaker and deter consumers from visiting your dispensary and choosing a competitor instead. With local listings management you can minimize these issues and make small, yet effective changes that increase consumer trust with just a few clicks.

Dispensary Marketing Strategy 3: Watch Your Competition

Knowing your competition is an important – yet often overlooked – part of a dispensary marketing strategy. By accurately seeing their strengths and weaknesses, you can create promotions, campaigns, and long-term marketing strategies that pulls their customers towards your dispensaries.

Employing a foundation of competitor analysis, specifically through the lens of their online reviews, is a great place to start monitoring competitors. With customer experience analytics, you can use their online reviews to see which parts of the customer experience have a positive or negative sentiment. These valuable pieces of data can then be used to create messaging that resonates with consumers and easily convinces them to go to your dispensary instead of the competition.


A dispensary marketing strategy doesn’t have to be difficult; but it does need to be effective. Your team can easily meet this need without the high costs by using your own customer feedback and listings. Combined with low-cost, easy-to-use reputation management software. Your team can easily create a strategy that appeals to customers, retains them for the long run, and opens the floodgates for more revenue in the future.

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