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Your Customers Will Soon Be Able to Post Short Video Reviews of Your Business on Yelp

Some try to paint a picture with written words. Some try to paint a thousand words with a picture. But if photos and text aren’t enough, one can always shoot a video.

At least this is the idea that has driven online review site Yelp as it prepares itself to launch a new feature that will enable users (Yelpers) to upload short video clips and post video reviews.

According to a Business Insider report, the Yelp app will soon allow customers of hotels, restaurants, and other local businesses to post video reviews, which can be between three to 12 seconds long. This ability will be introduced first to Yelp Elite users in early June before it becomes available to everyone else.

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Yelp’s mobile product manager Madhu Prabaker says that the new feature will have a certain appeal especially given the fact that 70 percent of Yelp’s user-generated photos are uploaded from a mobile device. But it’s not just for the convenience of customers, though. Says Prabaker: “It will be a reward for businesses that go to great lengths to achieve a certain ambiance, whether by having a certain lighting or the music at the right level.”

If you’re wondering how the new video feature will look like, here are a couple of screenshots from the Business Insider report:

track yelp reviews track yelp reviews 2

Users will have the option to choose a cover photo for their video reviews as well as add captions that will be useful to other Yelp users. The best, most useful videos will be displayed at the top of a Yelp business listing’s video page – similar to how the most useful text reviews and photos are organized and displayed.

We must admit that it’s an interesting concept. At the same time, it also makes it even more critical for business owners to monitor their Yelp reviews and manage their reputation online. Why? Because these opinions – whether expressed via words, pictures, or video clips – can influence other consumers’ purchase decisions and, subsequently, your business performance. In an age when customers can quickly become critics, it’s essential to always be on your guard.

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    This is a nice option that will help out business owners dealing with fake reviews. Quite hard to fake a video or picture for providing a good or bad review. I really like this app and I will certainly use it as well.